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olofkstekern: Yes, I already said that07:29
olofkYou need to find another catch phrase. This one is copy righted07:30
olofkstekern: So when are you going to support your country and get a Jolla?07:43
stekernolofk: copyright doesn't cover individual words or short phrases, sorry ;)07:50
stekernso I'm going to blatantly steal or your catch phrases07:51
stekernI'll get a Jolla when someone gives me one ;)07:54
stekernif in a position where I'd be looking for a phone to buy, I'd probably get one07:56
stekern+I'd be07:56
stekernI'm loosing a lot of words today...07:56
stekernI wonder if they have one in the DNA shop in the mall close to me though, I might go there checking it out today then08:00
olofkI think they are still busy with sending out the pre orders so the supply might be a bit short08:05
olofkBut it's a great device. I'm thinking of things that I can do with the I2C bus that is connected to the back cover08:06
stekernyeah, but I read that DNA actually got there devices before the pre-orders08:06
olofkah. I thought that was only for one shop on the launch date08:07
olofkBut you should definitely take a look to see if you can find one. They are cool little devices. Just make sure to turn on developer mode to enable the terminal and ssh server08:08
stekernI would guess if they have a "demounit" they'll have that regardless of if they're actually sold out or not08:09
_franck_web_barebox has now support for opencores mac:;a=commit;h=497c01ff1f799f041417cf61839826f4a0e3306c08:19
olofk_franck_web_: Great!08:21
_franck_web_is there a way for C code to call a verilog task using vpi ? For me it's only one way from verilog to C but I'm not sure08:33
olofk_franck_web_: I think you can do that08:44
olofkBut it sounds messy :)08:44
stekernI thought you couldn't08:45
stekernbut with DPI you can08:45
stekerncan't you just call system tasks from vpi08:46
stekern*from C with vpi08:46
_franck_web_I didn't even try...08:46
_franck_web_DPI means SystemVerilog means verilator, right ?08:53
stekernDPI means SystemVerilog, but I don't know what tools support that08:55
stekerngoogling verilator DPI makes me think there are support for it there08:55
_franck_web_openocd xilinx virtual jtag support:
stekernI understand why s-macke changed to splitting arguments between stack and regs when he experimented with his alternative vararg calling convention10:12
stekernit's just silly how gcc handles varargs10:13
olofkI was looking around a bit for some site that had a JS interpreter so I could test some code. Just realized that I only need my own browser :)12:32
stekernolofk: :)13:01
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