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maxpalnhi back again - and I have come unstuck with the burst write into the memory again14:11
maxpalnI haven't implemented the ability to do burst read and write int he DDR3 memory controller yet14:12
maxpalnin the OR1200 you can disable bursts through the or1200-defines.v file14:12
maxpalnI can see some parameters controlling burst operation in the ethmac-defines.v - but it isn't clear whether it is possible to disable burst memory access using these14:13
maxpalndoes anyone know?14:13
iorivurSorry, no. And I have another topic. Can I talk that here until someone who is expert about your problem come here?14:23
maxpalnrunning a simulation now to see if the behaviour can be reduced to classic cycles - not hopeful though!14:23
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iorivurI think there are few documents in official github release.14:24
iorivurI'm writing some templates and little bit contents but I don't know much about OpenRISC, so anyone else should write it.14:25
iorivurWill someone write and expand it if I send a pull-request to github/openrisc/orsoc?14:26
maxpalnwell, it appears that by reducing ETH_BURST_LENGTH and ETH_BURST_CNT_WIDTH to 1 and undefining ETH_RX_BURST_EN I can disable bursts - going to try it in sim and HW now14:46
maxpalnI think adding burst functionality to the DDR3 controller might be the next priority once I get the processor running - will see a significant performance delta I suspect14:47
iorivurI sent a pull-req15:16
_franck_web_iorivur: I wrote a tutorial on orpsocv3 here:
iorivur_franck_web_: great! It'll be good for me.  But I think official repository should explain how to use itself.15:26
iorivurBig thanks anyway15:26
_franck_web_iorivur: you'll tell me if it's helpful15:30
iorivursorry, how did you mean?15:34
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_franck_web_I mean if you find errors in the tutorial, please tell me15:39
iorivurah ha15:39
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stekerniorivur: that's a good initiative, but I think the readme should explain what orpsoc is, not what openrisc is15:46
stekernand a second general comment on pull requests (or patches in general), you don't need to present your changes to stuff you are adding in previous patches15:47
stekernpeople are generally mostly interested in seeing your "finished product", not how you got there.15:48
iorivurstekern: Ah, yes, OK. It's reasonable. How do you think to explain it?15:49
stekernsome info is already available here: and that combined with what _franck_web_ pasted is probably a good start for a README15:52
stekernon a different subject, why am I such a sucker for things that are broken... I've wondered off hacking on this eco32 gnu toolchain, when there's so much other things I should be doing...15:54
stekernit's something I'd like to dub olofk's law, "it's always most fun to do the stuff you are least supposed to do"15:55
_franck_web_I also always need something new to play (something like this ?)15:59
stekernheh, yeah I've seen that16:00
iorivurCould I use part of what _franck_web_ pastes? I think workflow section is well-documented16:00
stekernbut x86 is so boring16:00
_franck_web_is it ?16:00
_franck_web_iorivur: yes, you can copy what I wrote16:01
iorivurThanks alot!16:01
_franck_web_however, writing this kind of doc on the wiki would be better I think16:01
stekern_franck_web_: it's too mainstream, we softcpu hipsters loathe mainstream ;)16:04
_franck_web_:) well it's mainstream but there not much x86 softcore out there. Ans this one misses a pipeline, 32bits support, cache, mmu16:05
stekernI really should fix the de0_nano simulation in orpsocv3 instead of this...16:05
stekern_franck_web_: ah, alot of missing features and defiencies, I take back all I said ;)16:06
stekernand it would suite well with another project I have in store, the opl2 clone16:09
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_franck_as I'm working on a or1ksim to vpi to rtl bridge, I followed the olof's idea to use etherbone...21:56
_franck_...when it doesn't work, it's not easy to get into this code. Have you ever seen such a big function:21:56
_franck_~400 lines21:56
_franck_now I know why the Kernel's doc says "Functions should be short and sweet, and do just one thing"21:58
_franck_"The maximum length of a function is inversely proportional to the21:58
_franck_complexity and indentation level of that function"21:58
* _franck_ swithes to his second idea: make an or1ksim to jtag to wb master bridge (using openocd tcl server)22:18
stekern_franck_: if you want to see bi functions, go take look in bfd...22:36
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