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stekernolofk: I went fondling a jolla yesterday06:31
stekernbut it was just stuck at a black screen showing "jolla"06:32
stekernapart from that, it seems like a great phone ;)06:33
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olofk_stekern: Yes. That what it does. It only shows a black screen with the text Jolla. To do anything more you have to SSH into it ;)09:22
olofk__franck_web_: Very interesting with your simulator bridge experiements. I've been wanting to do stuff in that area for a long time, but haven't found the time. Keep us updated! :)09:23
stekernolofk_: of course, how silly of me! *facepalm*09:24
olofk_I think it's fun to see how extremely small the Jolla community is right now. There are about 40 programs in their store and 95% of all reviews are in Finnish09:33
olofk_And of course there are already a few duplicate apps :)09:34
stekernwell, 40 programs might be enough, I don't have that many installed on my phone ;)09:36
stekernbut can't you run android apps on it?09:37
olofk_Yes. Android apps work amazingly well. Tried firefox, angry birds, newsblur (rss reader)  and plume (twitter) without any problems at all09:43
olofk_scummvm launches fine, but there is some problem so it says it can't find a game even if I choose the directory where the game files are stored09:44
stekernwhy are you testing useless apps, how about the one that makes you look fat? or the cat repeat anything you say in a high pitch voice. do they work!?09:49
olofk_I don't need apps to make me look fat or talk in a high pitch voice :(09:51
_franck_web_olofk: about simulation bridge, I think I'll go with openocd. It can bridge to simu with jtag_vpi and bridge to real harware via JTAG09:53
_franck_web_or1ksim can talk to openocd thru a TCL server09:53
stekernolofk: oh, you do need them, you should just use them on others, not yourself10:00
stekernmaybe I should stop reveiling how I use smart phones to feel like I fit in...10:00
stekernolofk_: everybody likes you ;)12:32
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