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hikenbootbecause I ran make progs before I can no longer rerun it can I safely remove /bin/busybox and rerun or do I have to restart the process from scratch? make clean does not appear to work and gives an error when i try to run it00:37
djbclarkstekern - re: 18th apart from being fun, why do you want to run an emulated or1k (or x86) on armv7? - interested in running Linux under QNX / BlackBerry 10.14:40
djbclarkstekern: esp. BB10 is sandboxed, and I'm pretty sure it'll be significantly easier to run interesting command line / ncurses / etc software under Linux on OpenRISK than QNX16:00
stekerndjbclark: ok, that sounds fun and useful16:21
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