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poke53281Hikenboot: you can safely rerun "make progs"07:44
poke53281Where do you want to remove /bin/busybox? In which folder?07:45
stekerndefinition of a troll:
poke53281This mail is indeed weird. I am glad, no one replied to it.09:25
rahyou want weird?  see this:09:51
rah(note that the LUG started in 2004)09:51
poke53281Hmm, looks like his message got rejected and his reply to his reject was send to the mailing list.10:00
stekernI think it more looks like an overreaction death-spin (from both sides) ;)10:15
rahit makes me think of the line from Anchorman:10:23
rah"Well that escalated quickly!"10:23
stekernheh, yeah10:54
ysionneaucool article :)17:20
ysionneauthanks for quoting Milkymist and LM3217:20
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