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hikenbootgetting error line 11 or1k-linux-gcc command not found however in build directory under src I find  a build-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu and a gcc directory also an or1k-elf(not that I think that matters)...02:51
hikenbootget this when doing a make progs I have manually populated the downloads directory02:52
twilliamhikenbboot:  I am not an expert but you may need to add your toolchain bin directory to your path like export PATH=/opt/or1k-toolchain/bin:$PATH03:01
twilliamif which or1k-linux-gcc doesn't find anything03:02
stekernhikenboot: so have you done 'make uclibc_toolchain' by now?07:05
hikenbootthe directions indicated that I do a make newlib_toolchain OR make uclibc-toolchain...but am now in the process of doing both..thanks13:29
poke53281ysangkok: Do you use the ata device?15:01
poke53281Should not be necessary.15:01
poke53281I think you can exclude those lines15:01
poke53281or you can change the ata device to
poke53281hikenboot: You need both toolchains to compile everything.15:06
poke53281or1k-elf for the kernel and or1k-linux for the rest.15:06
poke53281You get the or1k-linux toolchain by executing "make uclibc_toolchain"15:07
rfajardohi there guys18:18
rfajardoI am trying to compile linux with the development uclib toolchain and am getting undefined reference to _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ for mul, div, mod, abs functions. Does anyone have a clue where should I start looking? I have compiled everything under OS X.18:19
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stekernrfajardo: yes, currently it's only possible to compile the kernel with or32-linux- or or1k-elf- toolchains18:50
rfajardoahh, I see18:51
rfajardoI was revising my gcc compilation. But I still don't have the grasp of this otool tool that replaces ldd and objdump18:51
rfajardoso, I should compile another version of the tool?18:52
rfajardosorry, another version of gcc I was trying to say18:59
rfajardootool is a replacement of ldd and objdump on OS X18:59
rfajardobut thanks for the info19:04
rfajardoI will take a look into that19:04
stekernthe reason why it's not working with the or1k-linux-* toolchains is that it builds libgcc.a with -fPIC (and it has to do that)19:10
stekernand our kernel port depends on libgcc19:11
poke53281Yeah, another problem that should be fixed. I think that not more than 3-4 lines must be fixed.19:29
poke53281Another option would be not to rely on ligcc and to add those missing functions directly to the kernel.19:31
rfajardothat makes sense... let's see how successful I get with the other toolchains19:45
rfajardogotta go now. Thanks a lot and take care.19:45
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