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hikenbootpoke53281, thanks for getting back to me, I am however unclear what you mean by " This error would not happen if you would execute "make uclibc_toolchain: before01:18
hikenboot "make uclibc_toolchain"01:18
stekernhikenboot: it means that you wouldn't have got that error if you would have executed make uclib_toolchsin before (the command that failed you)05:22
hikenbootthe directions indicate that you should execute make uclibc_toolchain or another make command...does that just mean it doesnt matter which of the two commands you execute first rather than one or the other?11:08
hikenbootI thought one command compiled using uclibc while the other command gave you the gclibc compilation instead?11:12
stekerncompioled what using uclibc?11:38
stekernyour root problem was that the scripts for compiling the kernel used or1k-linux-(uclibc)-objcopy to get vmlinux.bin, but since you hadn't compiled or1k-linux-(uclibc)-objcopy that step failed11:42
stekernso poke53281 suggested you change that step to use or1k-elf-objcopy instead (since the kernel is compiled with the or1k-elf toolchain) and just noted, that you wouldn't have had that problem if you had done the 'make uclibc_toolchain' before building the kernel11:44
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