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hikenbootpoke53281, I have done a make seems to go smoothly but when I try and execute make checktoolchain or skip make checktoolchain and go on to make toolchain it failes with make: *** No rule to make target 'checktoolchain'. Stop03:15
hikenbootI installed build-essential and make03:15
hikenbootalso gcc is installed and its ubuntu03:16
hikenbootubuntu latest stable03:16
poke53281I have looked up the source and it seems that I removed the checktoolchain code. It was no longer important. The readme is outdated.03:23
poke53281Go on with "make newlib_toolchain" or make "uclibc_toolchain"03:24
poke53281Please take a look at scripts/toolchain.make  and try to understand what the the command is doing.03:25
poke53281The part should be almost equivalent to
poke53281I have removed the "checktoolchain" from the readme file.03:29
hikenbootcan you give me the location of the latest or1k-toolchain.tar.bz2?03:31
hikenbootbb soon03:33
kamyarhello OR!07:17
ysangkokpoke53281: i was wondering if you found out if the kernel i built wwas ok? thanks10:27
stekernah, some comments on the ocfb driver15:56
hikenboothello poke53281, getting  cdscr/or1ksim; git apply patches/ 002-Enable-direct-access-to-ata-devices.patch.txt fatal can't open patch 'patches/' No such file or directory Make: *** [or1ksim] Error 12818:06
poke53281hikenboot: Easy solvable. Open scripts/native.make and remove the space between "patches/" and "0002-Enable-direct"....18:10
hikenbootpoke53281, thanks I thought the file was missing totally or i would have tried that. for some reason my find / -iname 002-Enable* didn't even locate the file18:13
poke53281Nice, that you already try to understand the script files. "make or1ksim" is not written there.18:13
poke53281"make or1ksim" is not written in the file18:14
hikenbootdo you know why my command wouldnt find the file?18:14
hikenbootnot succeeding totally but its not for lack of trying...18:15
poke53281try git apply ../../patches/18:15
poke53281and remove the .txt18:18
hikenbootonly problem is I am not sure I am doing the commands in the right order18:18
hikenbootI will right out my commands that got it right once I have finished18:18
poke53281the native stuff is independent.18:18
poke53281cd src/or1ksim; git apply ../../patches/0002-Enable-direct-access-to-ata-devices.patch18:19
poke53281Three errors in one line. Obviously I implemented the line and never tested it18:20
hikenbootby the way a lot of the errors I initially encountered were fixed by downloading the correct version of the bz2 file initially18:21
poke53281Normally you should follow the . And if you get a dependency error you should try "make missing_progam_name"18:21
poke53281Ok, nice to hear18:21
poke53281In principle the make script should be able to figure the dependencies itself. But I don't want to build a whole distribution. The better way would be to fix the issues in the toolchain and then jump to a already existing distribution in which all the small little problems are solved.18:23
poke53281But this will take at least an additional year.18:24
hikenbooton saucy had to do a apt-get build-dep gcc-4 to get gcc to compile right as well for others references18:24
hikenbootsorry apt-get build-dep gcc-4.818:25
poke53281Yes, I know. The development stuff is in independent packages on Debian based systems. One reason I don't like it as developer.18:25
hikenbootinteresting do which distribution do you like for development? opensuse?18:26
poke53281Gentoo or archlinux.18:27
poke53281But in the end it is just experience. You can do the same stuff in Debian.18:29
hikenbootwell once upon a time I followed the LFS 2.0 directions to get some stuff done, but I ran out of time with what I was trying to accomplish it and haven't done anthing but admin work since18:30
poke53281Hehe, yes, this is a real problem. LFS is of course not a good distribution if you want to work with it. It is only for learning purposes.18:31
poke53281But Debian is too conservative for me. They use complete outdated packages only to be as stable as possible.18:32
hikenbootactually I believe the command is supposed to be ../patches/0002-Enable-direct-access-to-ata-devices.patch since the srcript is already in the script directory? Yes? No?18:32
poke53281You forget the first command "cd src/or1ksim;"18:33
poke53281The base is directory is that where you start make18:34
hikenbootyour absolutely right..not sure where I screwed up the first time I looked at it...thanks18:37
hikenbootwhy is the qemu_VERSION stuff commented out?18:38
hikenbootin native.make18:39
poke53281Probably because it didn't work like this. But I don't see a reason why not.18:42
poke53281Qemu is also provided by your distribution.18:42
poke53281sudo apt-get install QEMU18:42
poke53281or something similar.18:43
poke53281"make or1ksim" needs root rights for make install.18:43
hikenbootI guess for administration (my likes for debian might not be the best for dev..since with dev you want bleading edge..for admin though a stable system is where its at18:46
poke53281Yes, a good example is indeed compiling QEMU under Debian.18:47
poke53281It is hard. It needs newer libraries which are not in the repository.18:47
poke53281With archlinux the compilation process was done within 10 minutes. Under Debian I struggled 2-3 hours until I could compile it.18:49
hikenbootpoke53281, please correct me if I am wrong but the line in the make file reads ...Enable-direct-access-to-ata-devices.patch.txt shouldnt it read with not patch.txt? or should there be a file that says .txt that contains the proper command?19:00
hikenbootnever mind19:00
hikenbootyou saw that I missed it19:00
poke53281ysangkok: Have tried your kernel and could reproduce the problem.19:08
poke53281ysangkok: Can you post your or1ksim.dts file? Because there seems to be some access at 0x9e000078 which should not be there.19:11
poke53281Probably there is another device which is not supported by jor1k.19:12
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