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hikenboothello poke53281 you around?02:20
djbclarkhikenboot: No, the armv7 (version 7 I presume) processor - e.g. the thing that's in the beaglebone etc.02:59
hikenbootah your wondering if the emulator can out perform  armv7 my guess and its just a guess is no03:04
hikenbootbut I was actually wondering if the vm might work if it had a host cpu driver in similar to vmware to emulate on a real 64 bit processor instead of the emulated processor. It would require a drive be installed on the host system which is probably why they didnt opt to do it...but I still wonder03:05
hikenbootbe right back03:09
hikenbootback again hope I didnt miss anything!03:15
hikenbootof course it wouldnt actually be openrisc if it was done that way either!03:15
hikenbootgee wiz if I have to reboot windows one more time!03:40
stekernhikenboot: to me it sounded he wondered which was faster, emulate or1k or x86 by using the armv7 as the host04:08
stekerntheoretically, or1k would probably be able to be faster, since it's a closer match as an architecture04:10
stekernbut a lot more time has probably been spent on optimising the emulators for x86 than for or1k (although poke53281 have done a hell of a job improving the qemu or1k port in that regard)04:12
stekerndjbclark: apart from being fun, why do you want to run an emulated or1k (or x86) on armv7?04:14
stekernI'll be completely satisfied with the answer "just for fun" ;)04:15
hansfbaierHello, I have four sessions of 1:30h teaching at a university here, and I want to use the time to introduce OpenRisc to the students.06:11
hansfbaierI'm just a bit confused how to boil all of that down to something palatable for that short time.06:11
hansfbaierAlso many of the students run Windows, so I need to bake a Live CD with everything on it.06:12
hansfbaierI'd like to simulate the GPIO core and show the linux driver of it.06:12
hansfbaierWhich simulator would be best to use, or1ksim?06:12
hansfbaier(I'd probably use verilator to simulate the GPIO)06:13
olofk_hansfbaier: Cool. Sounds like a great opportunity to show off OpenRISC and get students interested in computer architecture06:42
olofk_verilator would be the fastest. You just need to write some C++ stuff that connects to the GPIO pins to indicate something happens when you run the code06:43
olofk_Are you planning to use ORPSoC to build the system?06:43
hansfbaierolofk_:  Would be nice, what do you think would be best?06:53
olofk_I think you should extend or1200-generic with the GPIO core and use that. If you want to use GDB to upload programs however, you wont be able to use verilator right now06:55
olofk_But you can still preload the RAM with a program06:56
hansfbaierolofk_: For gdb I'll have to use or1ksim?06:56
hansfbaierWould that work with GPIO?06:56
olofk_hansfbaier: You can connect GDB to an Icarus or Modelsim simulation as well06:57
olofk_I'm not sure if or1ksim has any support for GPIO06:57
hansfbaierI'm a total n00b concerning simulation, have used only FPGAs so far....06:59
hansfbaierconcerning OpenRISC07:00
stekernhansfbaier: I think julius did something like that (verilator with gpio) in mor1kx-devenv, I'd take a peek there if I'd be you11:44
hansfbaierstekern: I'm not sure If I'll do openrisc though, now thinking over it, I only have 2 weeks for preparing (alongside paid work)11:45
hansfbaierand also I need to whip up a live distro and everything11:45
hansfbaierand it's probably pretty much overkill for 4 sessions a 1:30h11:45
hansfbaierAnd also I don't have terribly much experience with simulators and openrisc which could provide for unpleasant situations11:45
hansfbaierAlthough it would be really nice. I think OpenRISC is the ideal learning environment for IT students.11:46
hansfbaierOr maybe dedicate one session as a demo showing the de0_nano and the SocKit11:51
hansfbaierstekern: will take a look at it though, If I could get it running quickly it would definitely be worth considering.11:54
hansfbaierstekern: Do you think verilator could run satisfactory on a netbook?11:57
ysangkokpoke53281: hi12:14
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poke53281hikenboot: Sorry, was not around the last two days17:38
poke53281ysangkok: Hi17:38
hikenboothi no problem17:38
hikenbootpoke53281, without the command make fetchtoolchain the next command make checktoolchain fails with  make: *** No rule to make target 'checktoolchain'. Stop?17:40
hikenboothave to run out, but just leave me a message if you have a hint to why it's doing only happens when I skip the step you suggested I should skip17:46
poke53281ignore checktoolchain. Continue with the next command.17:49
poke53281ignore also fetchtoolchain. Just download the files I provided in the previus link17:50
hikenbootstill happens unless I run the fetchtoolchain gives the make error...perhaps its something wrong with my ubuntu build machine...what distro are you using to build it?19:02
poke53281I use Ubuntu too.19:11
poke53281Ahh, sorry. I though you mean fetchprogs19:13
poke53281Of course, fetchtoolchain should work.19:14
poke53281fetchtoolchain will take extremely long. Approx. 3-10 hours.19:14
poke53281And if it fails somewhere in between, you should restart the fetching of the toolchain.21:47
poke53281Then it makes also sense to execute the "git clone" commands in the Makefile script separately.21:47
hikenbootit wont I did it once and it didnt fail...however I couldnt get anywhere without the make fetchtoolchain...I deleted it figuring it would fail later on as you said21:49
hikenbootthanks for the pointers..I appreciate it.21:49
hikenbootQuestion for you do you know about physical to virtual cpu mapping in qemu or xen or plex86?21:49
poke53281The best way by building the toolchain is to follow the makefile scripts and understand what they are doing. Most of them are harmless. I didn't put a lot of checks in the script. This is the big problem. You need some experience in using these scripts.23:05
poke53281hikenboot: Yes, in principle I know about these.23:05
poke53281Everything is part of the memory management unit.23:06
poke53281If you talk about virtualization and not emulation then you have to know that they use special hardware support of x86 processors.23:43
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