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hansfbaierHi, anyone knowing a good embedded developer with automotive background who would like a job near Munich, Germany?09:42
PowermaniacMaybe you guys can help here, I want to install linux right on a Nexus 7, now I think this is possible, it should be I think but I'm not sure how one would do so over a micro-usb cable? And I believe I would have to put a bootloader on there along with the actual linux kernal etc. So seeing as you guys know how to do it on an fpga I thought that might give you some knowledge on how to do something12:45
Powermaniaclike this...?12:45
stekernyay! finally got the peripheral mode of the socfpga otg usb working19:52
stekernthe out-of-tree driver (dwc_otg) they are using for that is obviously broken... but I couldn't find out why19:53
stekernafter some lkml reading I found out that (the in-tree) s3c-hsotg also is a driver for that core19:54
stekernhacking away some samsung specific stuff and it worked!19:54
stekernso now I can sequence my openrisc driven synth from my PC ;)19:55
poke53281Powemaniac: Maybe the people working on cyanogenmod know how to do it. They have a manual for very many mobiles.20:36
poke53281Now I see, he left :(20:36
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