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julzmbHi guys. I was hoping i could get some help regarding simulators02:50
julzmbI have an example waveform at
julzmbThis is ICARUS vs VCS. Is there any way to use ICARUS in a way where it will simulate similar to VCS03:06
stekernjulzmb: if you have mismatches between simulatiors, it sounds like there's problems with your design05:26
stekernbtw, I always thought you were an incarnation of juliusb05:28
olofk_stekern: Yeah, me too05:53
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stekernbah, -40C is nothing, I've been sleeping in tents at -48C07:24
FreezingColdstekern: why 0.009:12
stekernFreezingCold: the officers told us to09:41
FreezingColdstekern: ah, what unit?09:42
stekernI don't know the terms in english, it was in the swedish army in a place called boden...09:44
amsmmm... boden10:16
amsand lucky you ... only 12 months or whatever....10:17
stekernthe options were 7.5, 10 or 15. I was 10.10:31
amsstekern: 20 years; i lived up there :-)10:33
amswell .. not boden, worse .. umeå10:33
stekernah, but that much south were almost considered as "stockholm area" up in boden10:39
stekernat least they were saying "stockholm people can't handle snow", when there was trains stopped due to snow in gävle10:42
amsstekern: weather in umeå is a bit harsher than boden ... we get the cold sea wids10:44
amsstekern: and i find that remark insulting!10:44
stekernhey, not my opinion ;)11:00
stekernto me, gävle was on the border to norrland!11:01
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julzmbstekern, olofk_: No im a different perswon. I mostly lurk because I am still learning18:06
julzmbstekern: Ill try to look over the code. Its a opencores project that is in "design-done" stage ill try and dig deeper. Thanks18:07
julzmbdoomlord_: asking me?18:08
doomlord_anyone :)18:08
doomlord_is this a community developped core18:09
doomlord_does it work18:11
doomlord_and can compilers target it18:11
doomlord_this looks fun18:12
vxedoomlord_: yes18:13
doomlord_its for fpga ?18:13
doomlord_is it similar to any off the shelf cpus (could you describe it as a mix of ...)18:14
vxedoomlord_: did you read the website at all?
doomlord_i'm skimming it18:15
doomlord_ok llvm/gcc18:17
doomlord_similar to mips perhaps18:22
doomlord_if you were to have made an opensource implementation of an existing ISA, would that breach patents18:25
stekerndoomlord_: possibly, and it would be less fun20:17
doomlord_did i read right.. it puts floats and vectors in the main register file20:23
stekernyes, but there are no vector implementations20:23
doomlord_china has cloned the mips line hasn't it20:26
stekernwouldn't surprise me. there's also some mips clone on opencores20:41
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