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stekernfirst little demo:
hansfbaierstekern: nice07:15
olofkstekern: Sounds great!18:43
stekernit's a start at least ;)18:43
stekernstill missing a lot, LFOs and filters18:43
stekernand no midi CCs are connected, so everything is hardcoded18:44
stekernI also want to be able to assign each voice to seperate midi channels, and have the voice assigner assigning voices from the channel pool18:48
stekernsince it's of no cost to have seperate envelope settings for amp and filters for different voices (you need that anyway), you can split up the voices between channels and get several different instruments that way18:49
stekern(with the cost of less polyphony per channel of course)18:50
stekernI've also looked a bit at this to create the control surface:
olofkI feel that my synth schematic skills are a bit lacking18:53
olofkI've only been using this one for digital synths
stekernheh, sorry...18:54
olofkPizza time!18:54
stekernyeah, that's basically very similar to my (first) synth18:55
stekernbut my had the option to load custom waveforms (as does sublime)18:56
stekernthis is how the control surface looked for it:
stekernI did that as a stand-alone qt app, but I'd like to avoid that now...19:03
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