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olofk_rah: Yeah, I felt the same way about that kickstarter campaign. They are basically selling the IP for $20000006:08
stekernI wouldn't call it disgusting though, desperate perhaps07:12
stekernand as discussed last, without "goodie bags", not an ideal kickstarter project07:13
stekernand it's huuuge, about the size of 15 mor1kx's07:15
stekerncan't tell if that's out of the normal for such a project though07:16
olofk_I've been lurking around on the opengraphics mailing list for a while. It looks like they had a design going, and then scratched it for something more academic that never seems to actually take off07:17
stekernyeah, the "be prepared to throw one away" rule doesn't always apply...07:21
olofk_I think that "perfect is the enemy of good" rule can be applied there07:25
olofk_Or "perfect is the enemy of done" as I also have seen it07:26
stekernI'm a perfectionist, but I often do the "I will make that perfect later" dance ;)07:29
stekernand then I forget about it07:31
stekernbut start over from scratch is often not the answer, even with the "throw one away" rule, it's often better to throw away one piece at a time07:36
olofk_I'm pretty glad that I threw away my first version of orpsocv3, but I agree that it often makes more sense with an iterative approach07:38
olofk_Every time you restart you always come to the point where you find out that you get stuck with the things you were frustrated with the first time :)07:38
stekernI often code like that, first through together something that roughly work, then refining things07:39
stekernbecause I've been in the situation where I've written something "fancy" and then realising that it's all wrong and I can't use it, then it hurts to through that away07:40
stekernit's easier to throw away halfbaked crap ;)07:40
stekernyeah, there are exceptions to the rule, you proved orpsocv3 being one, I think mor1kx is another07:41
n2nnreading the docs, it gives me the impression there is a maximum frequency a OpenRisc-Core can handle.09:27
n2nnis there such a thing as maximum frequency?09:27
_franck_the maximum frequency depends on the FPGA you will target (and the design of you core)09:33
_franck_a mor1kx in it proto espresso version can go up to 90MHz on a Cyclone IV FPGA09:33
_franck_(proto espress0 = without cache and MMU)09:34
stekern_franck_: I don't think espresso go that high, cappuccino (with caches) without mmu does09:48
n2nnthats another thing I dont get ... why should I miss out on MMU and cache?09:51
_franck_stekern: I just (mis)quoted what you said here: :)09:52
stekernn2nn: currently, the mmu creates a critical path, thus decreasing the maximum frequency09:53
stekernso, with mmu the fastest I got it running on de0 nano is 75 MHz09:54
n2nndo you think the de0 nano is a good board? got opportunity to get it cheap09:54
stekernand I doubt you'll need the mmu for your purposes ;)09:54
n2nnbut i am worried about the LUTs-count and the exceptional low memory....  :(09:55
stekernthe de0 nano is a good board, especially for the pricepoint09:55
n2nnI got no idea how frequency and speed scales on the OR ... i think i will have to test it out personally.09:55
stekern32 Mbyte, I wouldn't call that *exceptional* low09:56
n2nnokok, then I will get that one today ...09:56
n2nnoh? ok, have to check again ... iirc it was a fraction of that09:56
stekern+ it's a well tested openrisc platform09:56
n2nnthats exceptional important to me :)09:56
n2nnah, ok .. i confsed the de0-nano with the DE0 ...09:58
n2nncan not find a seller of the de0-nano boards10:03
hansfbaiern2nn: Where are you located?10:04
stekernI think there are loads of de0-nano resellers10:04
n2nni am from austria, central europe.10:07
n2nnjust ordered there :D10:09
n2nnwell ... not ordered ... "filled my shopping basket"10:09
n2nnsomething other nice to get? maybe a shield with 1GB of ram?10:10
n2nnin theory, a OR based processor can adress up to 4GB memory?10:48
n2nnit is just a question of connecting and configuring it correctly?10:49
* n2nn just ordered the DE0-nano11:00
stekernthere are of course a bit of memory areas lost on I/O11:10
n2nncool. was just a theory-question anyway :-)11:13
n2nnhow did you get it to run a 75mhz, when the de0-nano got a 50mhz crystal?12:14
stekernn2nn: there are plls inside the fpga12:16
n2nnso, 75mhz is in reality 50mhz + 1/2 50mhz12:23
n2nnwhat if you solder in a 100mhz oscillator?12:24
n2nnor run it at 100mhz?12:24
stekernyou don't need to solder in another oscillator, you can use the pll to run the design (or parts of the design) at 100 MHz12:26
stekernin the "default" configuration for de0 nano, we run the cpu at 50 MHz and the SDRAM at 100 MHz12:27
n2nnhow do the sram on the DE1 compares to the sdram on the de0-nano in terms of speed and ease of use?13:15
stekernfrom what I can read, it's sdram on that board?13:23
stekern_franck_: isn't that the board you have?13:23
_franck_yes, I do have a de113:27
_franck_de1 has 8MB of sdram13:27
_franck_and some sram (512K ?)13:27
n2nnwhy is mor1kx under an other license than or12k?14:26
_franck_juliusb thought the license used in the or1200 cpu doesn't fit very well our needs so he decided to create a new license14:28
n2nnjust read the license and the faq ...14:33
n2nnseems like that, yes :-)14:33
vxefinally getting back into openrisc and just compiled the or1k toolchain14:35
ninn2sorry, haven't my irc settings sync'ed between the laptops.17:17
ninn2it is double me.17:17
ninn2if I get that right, the or1ksim allow me to play my software ahead and test it, without using actual hardware.21:09
ninn2if it runs on the ork1sim, it runs on a board too.21:10
stekernninn2: pretty much, yes22:48
ninn2cool!!! :-D23:00
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