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FreezingColdHow could something like OpenRISC and ARM be compared?02:28
poke53281The question is difficult, because I don't really understand what you mean.05:11
poke53281There are a lot of similarities between the ARM 64-Bit architecture05:12
poke53281The number of registers is the same. The instruction size is always 4 byte.05:12
poke53281They have also one register which is always zero.05:12
poke53281Both use 3 operand opcodes.05:13
poke53281Both don't have conditional instructions05:14
poke53281Separate dedicated PC register05:15
poke53281Both have special load and store instructions05:15
poke53281The last three are not true for the 32-Bit ARMs05:17
poke53281And the numbers of registers where 16 on 32-Bit ARMs, not 32.05:17
poke53281OpenRISC has a delayed slot which ARM don't has.05:17
stekernmy deafly coded envelope code done remotely seems to work fairly well06:48
stekerna couple of bugs in there, but not to bad ones06:49
stekernI went for a sw only solution06:52
n2nnI am new to Openrisc project, but I am sure i will utilize it in my next project!12:51
_franck_n2nn: great, welcome the openrisc community13:08
_franck_what will be your next project ?13:08
n2nnI would really like to write a bare metal openRisc Jamma game.13:09
n2nnHi _franck_ :-D13:09
* _franck_ is looking for Jamma on google13:12
n2nnold arcade games.13:14
n2nnit is just the connector.13:14
n2nn.. connector gives power, botton-, joystick, audio- and video-controls.13:15
n2nna pcb that is a game.13:15
n2nn.. with a jamma-connector.13:15
_franck_ok great13:15
n2nncurrently trying to figure out how to do graphics on the orsoc13:16
_franck_I didn't know arcade games were configured like this13:16
_franck_we have a frame buffer13:17
_franck_what king of board do you have ?13:17
n2nnnon right now. state: advanced n00b13:18
n2nngot opportunity to get a de0, but would like to have the official dev-board13:18
n2nnnot sure if the old board is still available, and the new board with the ddr-formfactor - i dont get it. is is done? useable? how to connecto to it?13:19
_franck_offical dev-board ?13:19
_franck_ok the opencores dev board13:19
_franck_I mean orpsoc dev board13:20
_franck_arrgh ORSoC dev board13:20
n2nnthe ddr-formfactor one?13:21
_franck_you should get a board with a display out connector13:21
n2nni heard that display out is easy to solder yourself.13:21
n2nnbut will keep that in mind.13:21
n2nnno idea how to thest a bare metal game in a VM... dont think it will output something in the vm, but only on the original board.13:22
* n2nn got lots to learn13:22
_franck_you could test it with a simulator but that would be very slow13:24
n2nnok, so to get a feel for the archived speed, I HAVE TO use the [real|dev] board13:26
_franck_yes. I'll find a graphic accelerator on opencores. It has libraries for bare meta applications13:28
n2nni read alot from there already13:29
n2nni found it some weeks ago, looked promising13:29
n2nnbut i dont think it is the right tool for me13:29
n2nni looks very klunkey ... and the final notes state, that it is a bit slow13:30
n2nnthinking of doing it just with memory, and a dedicated or1k13:30
n2nnand speed13:30
n2nnbut that seems to be the best graphics processor13:31
_franck_but you won't draw a line faster in software than using an hardware accelerator13:32
n2nnI dont need lines, just sprites and tiles.13:34
n2nnbut you are true, of course.13:34
n2nnguess orgfx is the only reasonable alternative13:41
stekernn2nn: I think you'll get pretty far with just a framebuffer15:15
n2nnthanks a lot, i will try that first. :)15:20
ninn2I am currently looking for a dev board with a decent spec. just speed.17:51
ninn2cant decide on one...17:52
stekernninn2: just curious, what type of games are you considering?19:15
ninn2either a shootemup, or a metroidvania... :-D19:16
ninn2i will do several games, as long as it runs on an OR19:20
stekerncool, if you just have modest enough performance demands I don't see anything standing in your way19:21
stekernwith "modest" I mean, realistic. something close to the games from mid-nineties should be perfectly doable without hw accel19:34
ninn2Whew..! That's a load off my mind!20:00
rahdid you see the silicon spectrum kickstarter campaign for a free graphics accelerator core?20:57
rahit's pretty cheeky20:57
rah"we're going out of business, please give us $200000 and we'll release the source code for our product"20:58
rahpretty much ransoming their IP20:58
rahactually, it's not just "cheeky", it's downright disgusting20:58
rahif you're going out of business, just release the source anyway20:59
vxerah: maybe they license technologies from other companies that also have to be paid off21:10
ninn2then they shall keep it.22:10
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