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stekernmy midi driver and device works like a charm, but this usb midi gadget thing doesn't06:03
stekernit enumarates nicely (i.e. the host sees it), but after that there are no communication06:03
stekernman I hate USB...06:04
stekernat least it works to connect my usb-midi dongle to the sockit and forward the midi messages from that to my synth08:18
hawi_hi guys09:18
hawi_I'm trying to debug linux kernel for openrisc inside qemu through gdb09:19
hawi_but stepping commands and breakpoints don't work09:19
hawi_when I press 'si' or I set a breakpoint in gdb and then continue, kernel starts to console without stopping09:21
hawi_qemu was compiled from main repository git://
hawi_anyone has the same problem?09:24
MrBIOShi folks, anybody around, or are you all idling? :D19:55
_franck_anyone familiar with 8051 assembler ?20:23
_franck_how can this test be not zero ?20:24
stekernwonder why MrBIOS wasn't satisfied with my answer?20:25
_franck_another one:
_franck_I must miss something....20:27
stekernhmm, the first I'd expect to jump20:27
stekernthe second not20:28
_franck_yes but why a test ?20:28
_franck_there is some (dead) code after those tests20:28
stekernumm, how should I know ;)20:29
_franck_however, this is a disassembled code...20:29
_franck_well, lets say it is some dead code20:29
stekernbut I understand your question now20:29
stekernwhy not just put a jmp there20:30
stekernand the code in the first pastie is *really* making sure A is zero ;)20:33
_franck_may be it's testing hwo the memory works20:35
olofkstekern: Continous integration. Nice stuff!21:52
stekernolofk: join the hefty orpsoc discussion in #opencores ;)21:53
olofkJesus christ. Looks like I missed something. Time to read up21:54
hansfbaierstekern: olofk: Updated pull request. Issues should be fixed now.21:56
stekernbut, yes, the discussion started with continous integration. I think the travis-ci stuff has great potential for orpsoc and orpsoc-cores (and mor1kx and a lot of other stuff we do)21:57
MrBIOShey stekern22:05
olofkhansfbaier: Great. I'll take another look at it. Thanks for your patience22:16
stekernhansfbaier: lgtm22:17
hansfbaierstekern: ?22:17
stekernlooks good to me22:18
hansfbaierAh thanks. Was a good learning experience. Especially concerning git.22:18
olofkSome conflicts when I try to pull, and I realized I'm too tired to understand that now. I'll give it a shot tomorrow instead22:23
hansfbaierolofk: Ah yes, master has advanced from where I based off...22:24
olofkhansfbaier: I should be able to fix that, unless you want to practice your git skills a bit more :)22:27
hansfbaierolofk: The problem is you already accepted stekerns patch into upstream. Which conflicts with my version of i2c.22:34
stekernbut that was ages ago22:35
stekernbefore you even started with the i2c22:35
hansfbaierstekern: When I started, pull request was still pending22:36
hansfbaiernever mind merge is very easy22:37
stekernok, fair enough22:37
hansfbaierolofk: Rebased and pushed22:38
hansfbaierolofk: The pull should apply fine now22:40
hansfbaierall rebased to current upstream master22:40
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MrBIOSare there any functional orsoc ports to the Altera DE2?23:23
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