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stekernfound another bug in the newlib "or1k-support" lib06:18
stekernthat's the wrong way around06:18
stekernthe addi should be before the l.jr r906:19
stekernanother thing I've been wondering about our newlib, it seems the putc function doesn't do: if ('\n') putc('\r');, should it?07:27
stekernrah: read your final version, I don't have any comments on it, I think it's a well written document which get the message through07:34
stekernI might not agree with all the angles in it, but that's perhaps more down to personal beliefs ;)07:35
stekernolofk: nap time for the baby now? ;)08:47
olofkstekern: You got an e-mail from github? :)08:51
stekernyup ;)08:53
stekernolofk: to solve my midi connection problem, I decided to go for a "midi interface core"08:55
stekernbut I realised that the actual core could be made pretty generic08:56
stekernso I called it 'wb_fifo', and it contains of a wb slave port and a interrupt line08:56
stekernand inside it is a fifo which can be accessed at address 0 and a status reg at address 108:57
stekern(well, not really right now, but that's how I plan it)08:57
stekerndoes that sound like something that could be useful in other cases?08:58
olofkYes it does09:10
olofkI started something similar, but with a wb master interface instead. This was for writing packet data to a memory map09:12
olofkBut what you describe could be potentially used in a lot of places with different backends. A simple UART for example. Most of the time we don't require any more functionality than reading and writing bytes09:15
olofkoh.. right. MIDI was similar to UART already :)09:15
olofkBad example :)09:15
stekernok, good, then I'll finish it off and try to upstream it to orpsoc-cores09:15
olofkGreat. I love these little glue logic cores09:15
stekernI've heard that the maintainer is a hard-ass though, so it'll be tough task ;)09:16
olofkGo ahead and commit your crap. I don't care :)09:16
stekernyou've got good motivational skills09:17
olofkActually, you know what you're doing (probably more than me), so feel free to commit stuff. I don't want things to be held up too long only because I have limited time09:17
stekernok, thanks09:19
olofkIt's really annoying that I can't access my main computer during daytime over ssh. Wifi goes down about every 30 minutes, and requires me to restart it with rfkill or the keyboard09:19
olofkHmm... maybe I'll do a little deamon that does that for me09:20
stekernI'll still ask for advice when I'm not 100% sure about my stuff though ;)09:20
olofkSure. And I might be more picky about orpsoc than orpsoc-cores09:21
stekernwifi seems to be one of those things that never works reliably09:21
stekernright, and I don't think I'd be 100% sure of any changes I'd do to that anyway09:21
olofkTrue. I can't imagine the nightmare of running jack over wifi :)09:22
olofkGot to go now09:22
stekernyeah, me too, got a lamp that needs electricity connected09:22
stekernand a half-ready kitchen that needs finishing off...09:23
rahstekern: cool, thanks09:57
stekernrah, Powermaniac: since you've expressed a wish for a board with usb, ethernet and video out, I thought you might be interested in making your voices heard to this ml thread:
stekernthe milkymist community is planning on trying to make another batch of M1 boards, if there are enough people interested11:32
stekernrah: you might be especially interested since the PCB design is open/free as well11:33
Powermaniacstekern: I shall definitely look into that thanks11:44
PowermaniacFor now though I must disappear11:44
stekernhmm, wonder if writing a kernel driver for this mmio midi device was the right way to do it14:07
stekernmight be better to just write a daemon that mmaps the wb_fifo and polls a midistream14:08
stekernwell well, I can explore that later, I've already written the kernel driver ;)14:08
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