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hansfbaierMrBIOS: Send me one over, I'll make you one00:50
MrBIOShansfbaier: e-mail me an address, which timezone are you in?00:50
poke53281I need really help with dejagnu. I don't understand anything.03:41
poke53281What I want is simply run each test case with another command. Instead of running "./tstxxxxx" I want "qemu-or32 ./tstxxxxxx"03:42
stekernpoke53281: jeremy is probably your man for that, but I would expect that it would be easy to adapt the or1ksim expect scripts?03:47
poke53281Easy? I am trying this since two hours.03:49
stekernhaha, yeah, I can't say I'm a fan neither ;)03:49
poke53281I would suggest a complete rewrite of dejagnu. It is crazy sofware. Why do we need expect, tcl and dejagnu to check whether a program fails.03:50
stekernthere are alternatives...03:50
stekernbut I think the Dejagnu people defend the madness with "a complete rewrite of Dejagnu might seem tempting, but you'd end up with... Dejagnu"03:54
poke53281Maybe but more logical.03:55
poke53281Where is Jeremy Bennett when you need him?03:56
poke53281What happens if you do a signed division with 0x80000000 / -104:06
poke53281I didn't know. But the result should be indeed an exception.04:07
poke53281Finally it works somehow05:54
poke53281Already 5000 testcases in a few minutes.05:58
poke53281stekern: I think you will like this.05:58
stekernpoke53281: sounds like I will, yes ;)06:12
poke53281more than 20000 testcases in 20 minutes.06:23
olofk_poke53281: Jeremy hinted at last orconf that the dejagnu guys are in the works of doing a rewrite in python. Hopefully they take a look at how to remove the worst madness at the same time06:38
poke53281python 2 python 2.7 or python 3?06:40
poke53281why not C06:45
olofk_I was hoping for Guile :)06:46
olofk_Or m406:46
poke53281or Lua06:46
hansfbaierwhy not scheme06:56
hansfbaierI mean haskell06:56
hansfbaierguile's already taken06:57
poke53281Javascript, than it could even run on your mobile. You need some sort of interface via web socket. But this can be written with php.07:11
stekernI was hoping for brainfuck07:37
rahstekern: I looked at the milkymist box08:34
rahstekern: for me, it's a bit lean on memory08:34
rahstekern: 128M isn't much08:35
rahwhich, unfortunately, seems to be a common problem with FPGA boards08:35
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hansfbaierstekern: I prefer
hansfbaier would be a more serious candidate. That's what I call readable code ... :)09:09
hansfbaierpoke53281: "A LOLCODE to JavaScript translator is also available"09:09
* stekern got midi control over his synth20:56
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ysionneaustekern: are you trying to make a milkymist one on altera board with openrisc cpu ? ;)21:49
stekernysionneau: nah, I just utilizing an altera board for my synth experiments ;)21:53
ysionneauok :)21:55
ysionneaurah: you need that much memory? (128 MB on the M1)21:56
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