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poke53282I have updated the emulator. It uses ext2 hard drive images instead of a ramdisk. And I have added two additional images. gnu c compiler and an X demo.02:31
poke53282Please, don't use Firefox02:31
hansfbaierpoke53282: Can do or1k linux ext2 now?02:44
hansfbaierpoke53282: the version I have checked out has the bit ops not implemented yet.02:44
poke53282Yes, it is possible since a long time. But you have to compile it to support it. Probably ext4, btrfs, ... would work too.02:45
poke53282Oh, yes02:45
poke53282You need a tiny patch02:45
poke53282Add the line "#include <asm-generic/bitops/le.h>" in arch/openrisc/include/asm/bitops.h02:48
hansfbaierpoke53282: oh good to know I thought those weren't implemented yet.02:50
poke53282Here you can find the current development versions of linux02:51
poke53282But you could also work with the ones from They should be stable and fine.02:51
hansfbaierpoke53282: I have jonas' repo, but not head yet. Glad if it runs for now :]03:20
stekernpoke53282: tyr-glquake starts03:58
stekernbut seems like X doesn't like my keyboard, it says: driver Linux console keyboard wanted to post scancode 46 outside of [0, 0]!03:59
poke53282So, you can see the level? My emulator stops before04:03
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stekernpoke53282: it starts the "quake console"04:56
_franck_juliusb: or1k_jtag_adv.c is not part of openocd anymore. Are you sure you're compiling the official version ?05:33
stekern_franck_: well, he asked if the github repo was still usable and you said yes:
stekernpoke53282: ah, appearently you shouldn't use the kdrive mouse and keyboard drivers, but the evdev drivers instead06:04
poke53282stekern: I know. but at the moment I don't have the keyboard a event driver. I am not sure I should solve it.06:06
poke53282I need a switch to distinguist terminal and framebuffer06:06
poke53282...sure how I should solve it ...06:07
stekernyou mean in jor1k?06:08
stekernhmm, don't you get mouse click events somehow?06:09
poke53282Yes, the mouse is no problem. I emulate a touchscreen device. I could also emulate a keyboard device (which driver do you use?), but then I press in X and in my terminal at the same time a key on the keyboard.06:11
poke53282or can I transfer the tty input to an event device?06:12
stekernyes, I know. I meant, since you get the mouse event, you could use that as an indicator which of them should be used06:12
stekerndon't you have control over the keyboard input at a higher level?06:13
stekernor lower06:13
stekerndepending how you see it, I mean can't you capture it in the emulator and direct it either to the uart emulation or some kbd emulation?06:14
poke53282Yes I have in principle full control. onkeyup, onkeydown06:14
poke53282Yes, this is the plan.06:14
poke53282which keyboard driver do you use?06:15
stekernre glquake, it does crash after a while (when the actual demo is about to start)06:15
poke53282Ok, so you don't see any 3D output. Ok, so we have the same problem.06:16
stekernkeyboard driver: "input: AT Raw Set 2 keyboard as /devices/94000000.ocps2/serio0/input/input0"06:16
stekernit crashes because of an unaligned access06:17
poke53282Yes, the same happens here.06:18
poke53282I am sure that there are still errors in X. It is unstable.06:19
stekernyes, I managed to crash it by furiously moving around the mouse yesterday06:20
poke53282I will add more files, especially the fonts to get rid of all these error messages.06:20
poke53282And I see very often an assert message.06:20
poke53282So enough things to try.06:21
poke53282Today I tried also to execute a ./configure && make && make install in the browser. During the configure I got an unaligned access.06:23
poke53282But I could compile programs with make+gcc successfully that took more then half an hour.06:23
poke53282E. g. the software Frotz in my emulator.06:24
stekernhmm, I think I've seen something similar, but IIRC it was only on real hw, in or1ksim the ./configure worked06:24
stekernI tried compile a bunch of stuff in or1ksim right after I got the native gcc sorted out, I didn't have any problems then06:28
stekernah, nice. gcc have finally added tags for their releases in their git mirror06:31
poke53282This one I tried today.06:31
poke53282And configure failed06:31
stekernhmm, ok, I didn't try *that* ;)07:55
stekernI'm in the process syncing gcc btw07:56
stekernI've done the merge and have gave the merged tree to your buildscripts to chunk on07:57
stekernso that should contain the upstream fix for native gcc07:58
juliusbwould someone care to pass an eye over this:
juliusbor maybe someone playing along at home, if you could give it a go and let me know if any of the tool installations don't work, or if you have any problems you have to work around can you let me know?08:32
juliusbknz: I recall you were eager to participate in the workshop, perhaps you could give it a go if you get a chance?08:33
juliusb_franck_: I'm telling people to clone the openrisc org github openOCD08:33
juliusb_franck_: I notice it's a branch of yours, but it hasn't had any updates for 6 months, so any chance we could perhaps bring the openrisc org one into line with yours? how do we do that?08:34
stekernjuliusb: or just tell people to use the upstream version?08:36
_franck_I was about to tell juliusb the same thing08:37
juliusbhaha ok 08:37
juliusbwhat's the git repo for that again?\08:37
juliusb ?08:37
olofkjuliusb: I was thinking that we should add icarus to requirements if we want to simulate, but it only supports modelsim, and it might be too much work to run that08:37
stekernwe can smack a notice on the openrisc/openocd repo that "use this for the deprecated mohor debug if, otherwise use openocd mainline at"08:38
juliusbolofk: I wasn't going to worry about simulation of the DE0 nano board itself08:38
juliusbat least, at the workshop08:38
juliusb(openOCD) ok repo link updated08:39
_franck_olofk: did you add the programing support for orpsoc only in tag 3.1 on purpose ?08:39
juliusb_franck_: that repo doesn't work for some reason?08:40
_franck_I'm using git://
juliusbyes, strange, not sure why that letter is there08:41
juliusbit works as a URL in my browser but not for git cloning08:41
juliusb(the /w/ one)08:41
_franck_the is a /r/ one too...08:42
stekernnote git:// and http:// differences in yours and _franck_'s ursl08:42
juliusbstekern: yes, good point!08:42
stekernbut isn't the repo the official?08:42
stekerngit clone git:// openocd-code08:42
juliusbgit clone git:// works too08:43
stekernand the is a mirror08:43
juliusbnice, OK. so that part is now checked :)08:44
juliusbactually, tried building and got:08:44
_franck_stekern: you're right08:44
juliusbI'm guessing it's because I don't have libusb-dev?08:45
stekernsounds very plausible08:45
juliusbmmm I do actually, or according to apt08:46
stekernand I think you have to have both08:46
stekern1.0 and 2.008:46
juliusbI don't see 2.0, just libgusb208:46
juliusbdescribed as "GLib wrapper around libusb1"08:46
stekernthat's probably plain libusb-dev08:47
juliusbmmm, I already have that too08:47
stekernand libusb-1.0-0-dev is 1.008:47
stekernyes, you probably have 2.0, but are missing 1.008:47
juliusbahhhh, I didn't have libusb-1.0-0-dev08:47
juliusbyep that did it08:47
juliusbso you need libusb-dev and libusb-1.0.0-dev08:48
juliusbone for the prereq list...08:48
stekernbut I wonder if you are actually building any libusb 1.0 drivers...?08:48
stekernif not, perhaps it'd make more sense to disable it in the config08:49
_franck_what is your ./configure line ?08:49
juliusbmmm, more ulink errors:
juliusb_franck_: configure line is as per the page ( and is: ./configure --enable-usb_blaster_libftdi --enable-adv_debug_sys --enable-altera_vjtag --enable-maintainer-mode08:50
_franck_--enable-adv_debug_sys --enable-altera_vjtag are deprecated08:50
juliusbthat was on the github I think? in the
_franck_it works for the github version....08:51
juliusbah well now im building from the upstream aren't I?08:51
juliusbso there's a difference in how I configure?08:52
juliusbso how would you say we should configure the upstream version?08:52
juliusbor it's all automatically enabled?08:52
_franck_./configure -enable-ftdi --enable-usb_blaster_libftdi --enable-maintainer-mode08:52
_franck_after that you can choose from the altera vjtag or mohor jtag from the tcl file in tcl/board/or1k_generic.cfg08:53
juliusbcool OK08:54
stekernhow can you choose mohor if it's not supported?08:54
_franck_I mean mohor jtag interface08:54
juliusbTAPs I presume08:54
_franck_yes TAP08:54
stekernok, so support for that still exist?08:55
_franck_yes, It's needed to work with jtag vpi08:55
_franck_which is also upstreamed08:55
juliusbcool make works now!08:55
juliusbthanks _franck_ 08:55
juliusbinstructions on that page should be good now, just maybe need to mention the prereqs08:56
stekernbut doesn't adv debug sys have an own tap core as well?08:56
_franck_I'm using the core from opencores. I think there is another one in adv_debug_sys08:57
stekernumm, adv_debug_sys is also from opencores, can you be a bit more precise ;)08:57
_franck_ok wait :)08:57
stekernI thought we were only using adv_debug_sys now in openocd08:58
_franck_this jtag tap08:58
_franck_and this debug interface:
olofkjuliusb: What did you mean with adding programming support in tag 3.1? Did I mess up something git-wise?08:59
_franck_olofk: , I can't see the patch here09:00
stekernyou at least mess up what person you're direcing your questions to09:00
_franck_olofk: however, I can see it here:
olofkSorry _franck_09:00
olofkStupid fucking crap VCS09:01
_franck_stekern: this is what we do not support in openocd:
stekernnah, I think it's github that's fucking crap09:01
stekernit sometimes doesn't update09:01
stekernthe web interface that is, try pulling master and see if the patch is there09:02
stekern_franck_: thanks, I understand now09:02
_franck_the best thing would be to clone the offical openocd repo into openrisc github and add dbg_if support here09:03
_franck_i could do that09:03
stekernok, no, master branch doesn't have those commits...09:04
stekernhow did you manage that olofk?09:04
_franck_everything is possible with git ;)09:05
stekernyeah, but I can't come up how to do that from the top of my head09:05
stekern...which means... olofk must now be a git master! *bows*09:06
juliusbwe can live without orpsoc handling the board programming for the workshop, it's a simple enough command09:36
stekernhumm... search for 'or1k' on this page:
stekernhow have that got there?09:37
olofkok... so what the hell should I do to solve this mess? orpsoc's revision tree is starting to look like a jungle09:48
powermaniacI was wondering if anyone in here might know how to make a .bootimg?10:17
powermaniacAnd .img from an iso?10:18
powermaniacTrying to get Debian onto my Nexus 7 to test out10:18
stekernolofk: so how did you get the tagged release out there without pushing master?10:30
olofkstekern: Not sure, but I think I did git push --tags10:30
olofkMaybe that _only_ pushed the commit with the tag10:30
stekernso... just 'git push origin master' now then10:31
stekernI didn't know you actually could push *just* the tags10:31
knzhi guys10:31
knzstekern: do you happen to know where I can find the pin mappings for your orpsoc archive from last year?10:32
knzfor the uart10:32
knzit's at the bottom but I can't remember which pins10:32
knznever mind found it10:41
knzstekern: it boots :)11:14
knzSF: Unsupported manufacturer 0111:14
knzFailed to initialize SPI flash at 0:011:14
knzNo SPI flash selected. Please run `sf probe'11:14
knzI thought it would boot off the on-board flash11:16
LoneTechSPI flashes have a few different protocols, so you need to enable the appropriate CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_ATMEL or similar11:17
LoneTech01 would be CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_SPANSION I think11:18
knzI thought this orpsoc image was already ustomized for the nano11:18
LoneTechbut that message is u-boot, not orpsoc itself?11:18
LoneTechso the boot rom worked11:19
LoneTechthe difference could well be that DE0 nanos could come populated with different EEPROMs11:20
knznot sure what to do now :)11:22
stekernknz, what is it that you have in there now?11:22
knzthis one11:22
stekerncould be a bug in orpsoc11:23
stekernif you does it happen all the time?11:23
LoneTechyou could build a u-boot that likes the spi flash, boot it over serial, and use it to write it to flash, in principle11:23
knzit does happen all the time11:24
LoneTechhm, de0-nano manual seems to indicate it has Altera's EPCS11:25
knzof course I will be bringing this equipment next weekend at orconf11:25
stekernLoneTech: yes, it should be an EPCS there11:25
knzanything I should look at myself to investigate?11:26
stekernyou could try building a newer orpsoc ;)11:26
stekernthere's at least a bug in the arbiter that I *think* caused issues like that11:26
knzyeah I think I will wait a few days then :)11:27
knzbut I am very glad my serial adapter now works11:27
stekernbut SPANSION part sounds odd though11:27
knzI didn't say spansion11:27
stekernI know11:27
knzshould I acquire an additional sd card with spi adapter ?11:28
stekernI don't know, do you need one?11:29
knzno :)11:29
knzbut if it makes troubleshooting / booting easier in the future, I may be interested11:29
stekernso don't ;)11:29
knzit's more a matter of being well prepared :)11:30
stekerneasiest way to boot the de0 nano board is by loading the program into memory with gdb11:30
LoneTechper the epcs datasheet the epcs64 simply does not support read id, so the probe value is likely bogus11:31
LoneTech(possibly it's a relabeled spansion device and altera didn't inform us)11:32
knzso the next steps are build an updated orpsoc11:32
stekernthis is the define in config: CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_STMICRO11:33
knzand if that does not work try to change the SPI id11:33
LoneTechthe commands and organisation match up with Spansion S25FL064A11:38
LoneTechso except for Altera's notice that it does not support read ID, on which it seems to have replied Spansion, it looks like a Spansion chip11:39
LoneTechpinout matches too, except altera specify to hardwire HOLD# and W# high, meanning not paused or write protected11:42
LoneTech(which incidentally explains the funny number of VCC pins)11:43
LoneTechST Micro's M25P64 is similar too, but has id 20 13, where the spansion part has 01 021611:47
stekernso... it could be possible that old epcs64 was actually ST Micro's M25P64 (or at least responded as such) and new ones Spansion S25FL064A?11:53
LoneTechthe "electronic signature" of s25fl064a is 16, which also is the capacity code; that's the number altera specify as EPCS device silicon ID11:53
LoneTechit appears quite likely11:54
LoneTechthey took the common SPI flash design, said not to use hold or write protect or manufacturer id, but only use capacity to identify it11:54
LoneTechbut they do admit to the read device ID opcode on the EPCS128, so that one is probably ordered with an altera ID11:55
LoneTecherm. actually they say one should read only one byte, which should be 18h.. which is the manufacturer ID byte11:57
LoneTechnow where did I have the mfg id table?11:58
LoneTechdon't see that code in JEDEC 106AF12:00
LoneTechper that spec it's an unassignable number, wrong parity12:06
LoneTechbut that may be the wrong spec for this value12:06
LoneTechah, spansion was founded by AMD+Fujitsu and fully controlled by AMD for a while; explains their use of the AMD mfg id12:10
LoneTechso per Altera's spec, one should not probe EPCS devices as other SPI flashes, but per your results they are in fact rebranded chips from multiple brands12:12
LoneTechhang on, I've been misreading12:13
LoneTechthey tell you to *skip* the manufacturer ID and high 8 bits of device id, leaving only the capacity byte. they changed their datasheet probably because larger chips were missing the electronic signature command12:14
LoneTechso the very data u-boot is probing by is the "dummy bytes" in figure 14 of the Jan-2012 EPCS datasheet12:15
LoneTecheverything points to EPCS devices always being standard SPI flashes from arbitrary manufacturers, relabeled12:16
LoneTechand U-Boot has never had support for the mythical EPCS dies, with their quirk of being indistinguishable from the various common flashes12:19
LoneTechso Altera switched out the chip in EPCS64 devices used on various DE0 Nano boards, which was all right by their datasheet since it said to never mind the manufacturer code12:20
stekernnice digging LoneTech!12:21
stekernI was fooled by the error message, since similar have appeared due to that arbiter bug12:22
LoneTechbasically an EPCS64 will be just some 128*256*256*8 SPI flash12:22
knznow what's next?12:23
LoneTechbuild a u-boot with support for your relabeled Spansion chip :)12:23
LoneTechthe orpsoc is running fine, the bootloader software just didn't recognize the spi flash part12:24
knzcan I upload an updated uboot without reflashing?12:24
LoneTech(mostly conjecture, but I think it looks likely)12:24
LoneTechyes, you should be able to load it either into u-boot using ymodem or similar or via jtag using a debugger12:25
LoneTechI'm not familiar with u-boot->u-boot starting myself though12:25
stekernI can't remember the commands, but yes, you load u-boot into some place in memory and then just write it to the right address in flash12:26
LoneTechthing is, the write into flash command won't work until u-boot recognizes the flash12:27
stekernI was a bit to fast there12:27
stekernso, no, no other option than flashing12:28
LoneTechwell, there are options, they're just trickier12:28
LoneTechyou could even use u-boot to modify u-boot in RAM to make it think the Spansion part is an ST ;)12:28
stekernif he loads the other u-boot via gdb12:28
stekernhe's fine too12:29
olofkI'm just waiting for _franck_ to scream that you should use barebox instead ;)13:25
LoneTechthat may well be a good idea13:26
LoneTechit uses the same m25p80.c driver for all of these chips, per the still unidentified JEDEC standard13:31
LoneTech(I've dug through JEDEC's lists of memory related standards, and mailed and asked them, and they don't seem to know of the spec for SPI flash memory that vendors adhere to)13:32
_franck_barebox should be the default openrisc linux bootloader :)13:43
knztbh I'm fine with either14:05
knzat the end of the day I'm looking forward to presenting a running platform to my students14:05
knzhow it boots is of little concern to me14:05
LoneTechhuh. Atmel filed a patent for the identification command in 2003.14:37
knzthis is crazy14:38
LoneTechapparently it's for appending a Pascal-style string of "extended information"14:45
LoneTechalso, Spansion documented that the common flash interface doesn't cover SPI14:48
stekernhmm syncing or1k-src became messier than I'd thought14:49
stekernso, obviously, peter have took cvs snapshots and then rebased upon that. at least in the beginning, then in the middle he did a merge and never pushed that cvs snapshot to "upstream-cvs"14:50
stekernI tried to do a cvs snapshot in to upstream-cvs and rebase upon that, but it of course went crazy when it arrived to the cvs merge in the middle of or1k branch14:52
stekerntook a while before I understood what was going on14:52
stekernso, plan now is to cherry-pick that cvs snapshot into upstream-cvs and rebase upon that14:52
stekerndoes that make sense?14:52
LoneTechI think so, but I'm not sure I understand the situtation. Also, I should leave the office and get some rather late lunch.14:58
stekernjeremybennett: it doesn't seem like embecosm's sourceware git tree is syncing against upstream anymore18:21
jeremybennettjeremybennett: Ah - OK. I'll get simoncook to take a look when he is back from vacation tomorrow.18:23
stekernok, no hurry. I considered using that instead of continuing on the path with cvs snapshot dumps we currently have in or1k-src18:26
stekernbut I went on with another cvs checkout, so it can wait until next time18:26
rfajardoIs it the best idea to use orpbuild to install the toolchain?18:38
rfajardowhy are there so many things under github if is also available?18:39
knzrfajardo: it's a mirror18:51
knzso people can use all the nice graphical stuff of github18:51
rfajardoI have the feeling that github has been more used lately18:59
stekernit seemed like what most people tended to use, so we created the organization as a common ground19:02
rfajardonice, I will try to build up my tools19:07
juliusb_franck_: when building the OpenOCD from upstream it doesn't work the same as from your lovely repo. first is that the altera-dev.tcl isn't there. but if I copy it in I get this:  (openOCD as installed via these instructions which we worked out this morning: )20:13
_franck_juliusb: ./src/openocd -f ./tcl/interface/altera-usb-blaster.cfg -f ./tcl/board/or1k_generic.cfg20:16
juliusb.... almost :)20:17
juliusbRuntime Error: embedded:startup.tcl:47: Can't find target/or1k.cfg20:17
_franck_did you make install openocd ?20:17
juliusbit's required?20:17
_franck_no but it needs a small hack20:18
juliusbcool, whereabouts?20:18
_franck_add ./tcl/ in from of target/or1k.cfg in ./tcl/board/or1k_generic.cfg20:19
juliusbor I can just add "-s ./tcl" on the command line20:19
juliusb... it seems20:19
juliusbChip is or1200.cpu, Endian: big, type: or1k20:20
juliusbTarget ready...20:20
juliusbit's a pretty colour!20:20
_franck_if you had installed it that would be openocd -f interface/altera-usb-blaster.cfg -f board/or1k_generic.cfg20:21
_franck_without any hack20:21
_franck_but -s ./tcl is okay, I didn't know that20:21
juliusbok cool. will note that20:21
juliusbso how were you doing your fancy bits of downloading code and setting the PC without GDB?20:21
_franck_telnet 444420:22
_franck_then load_image /full/path/or/it_doesnt/work20:22
_franck_reg npc 0x10020:22
_franck_if your elf has no program header it won't load (like my small led_blink)20:24
_franck_ should fix it20:24
_franck_however, it was waorking yesterday but it doesn't work tonight ;)20:25
_franck_I'm working on it20:25
_franck_juliusb: did you change your FPGA JTAG ID in or1k_generic.cfg ?20:28
_franck_I'm sure you did20:29
juliusbworks fine20:29
juliusbim running with adv_debug_sys though I think20:29
_franck_don't you have an error/warning about not matching jtag idcode ?20:30
juliusbhaha oh yes some big warnings20:30
stekernwhere does that come from? the FPGA JTAG ID I mean?20:30
_franck_the FPGA JTAG TAP20:31
_franck_the real one20:31
juliusbstekern: I'm having problems with my toolchain I compiled :(20:37
juliusbwhere are those usually?20:37
olofok, I think I fixed the missing orpsoc commits now20:40
juliusbhey olof 20:45
juliusbi have a patch for you too, at some stage20:45
juliusballows you to have fancy things like ~ and $HOME in your cores_root and system_root variables :)20:46
stekernjuliusb: when did you pull or1k-src last?20:47
olofjuliusb: Great. I thought that os.abspath used os.expanduser for ~, but it looks like I was wrong20:47
juliusbstekern: yesterday before I built20:47
juliusbohhh now that I look I notice I've done some work on this20:48
juliusband it wasn't quite in the latest state20:48
* juliusb slaps his forehead20:48
olofstekern, _franck_ : Is the uart patch in the pull request tested now? There was some discussions about an alternative patch IIRC20:49
_franck_yes it is.20:49
olof_franck_: Great. Then I'll add it20:50
stekernI've been testing that on sockit as well, so it should be fine20:50
* juliusb feels a tool chain recompile coming on...20:50
olofNow something is messed up with orpsoc-cores20:54
olof# On branch master20:56
olof# Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged,20:56
olof# and have 1 and 5 different commits each, respectively.20:56
olof#   (use "git pull" to merge the remote branch into yours)20:56
olofNo fucking way that I will do a git pull. That will probably mess it up even more20:57
juliusbhmmm, I don't understand git well enough to help you here...21:01
olofAnd why can't git remember my passphrase?21:02
_franck_I can  feel how much you love git ;)21:02
stekerndidn't you just push to origin/master?21:05
olofstekern: That was orpsoc21:05
stekernah, right21:05
olofOk, so I think that my local copy and the one on github is in sync now21:06
olofNow I want to add _franck_'s patch for the uart. Why does it insist on merging? Can't it just apply the damn patch on top of my tree?21:06
stekernI have "bricked" my sockit now...21:06
olofstekern: Oh... what did you do?21:07
stekernI made a bad arm kernel that doesn't boot, and then I wanted to remove the bootdelay in u-boot, so I set it to 021:07
stekernappearently that really meant 0 bootdelay21:08
stekernso now it just boots my bad kernel21:08
olofAhh... I've done the same thing on desktop machines :/21:08
stekernluckily everything is on a sdcard21:08
stekernbut I'm not sure how to alter the u-boot environment from linux, except by wiping it completely21:09
stekern...which I don't want21:09
olofYou should have used barebox21:09
_franck_yeah, in barebox you have a "sockit restore everything" command :)21:12
_franck_I'm telling you barebox is really great !21:12
oloforpsocv3 runs fine in barebox too21:12
olofAnd I'm using sockit restore everything all the time21:13
olofu-boot stores the env on some hardcoded memory address, doesn't it?21:23
stekernyes, but I don't know the address21:32
stekernI can find out though21:32
stekernand there are linux tools to read/write the environment21:32
olofHow do you read out the data if you know the address? Is that where dd comes in?21:33
stekernthis wasn't what I was about to do this evening though...21:33
stekernno, there are fw_printenv/fw_saveenv utils21:33
stekernbah... those can only read MTD devices21:34
juliusb_franck_: what should the right TAP ID be, then, for the DE0 nano build?21:36
juliusboh I see it's found 0x020f30dd but expected 0x020b30dd21:38
juliusbso I changed the value in tcl/board/or1k_generic.cfg and it doesn't appear to complain anymore! :)21:39
juliusbummm, I downloaded an image and it reckons it went at like 350kB/s??21:40
juliusb(via openOCD)21:40
juliusbdoes it really go that fast?21:40
juliusbomg it looks like it! I verified the image and it reckons its ok21:41
juliusbwhat defines the memory map of cores in orpsocv3?21:55
juliusblooks like the generated wb_intercon gets some addresses... but where do they come from? do cores have their address specified with them now?21:57
juliusband stekern, _franck_ , how have you been compiling software to run on orpsocv3 builds? like which library have you been using? which drivers etc? it was all included in orpsocv2 but I don't see it in orpsocv3 yet21:57
* juliusb has found de0_nano/data/wb_intercon.conf21:58
stekernjuliusb: yes, there is the mem map22:04
stekernsometimes the simplest solutions are the best... just renaming the linux image on the sdcard makes u-boot boot fail => I get access to it22:05
stekernjuliusb: what do you need drivers for?22:07
stekernI have just used normal newlib22:07
juliusbok, and drivers? just orpsoc-ish ones?22:08
juliusborpsoc(v2)-ish ones?22:08
stekernyeah, what drivers?22:08
stekernin newlib?22:09
juliusbno, just in general22:09
stekernor libgloss22:09
juliusbdunno, there aren't any AFAIK?22:09
stekernI meant, isn't the uart driver in newlib good enough?22:09
juliusboh tehre is one?22:09
* juliusb looks22:09
stekernwell, "driver"22:10
juliusboh yes there is on there!22:10
stekernyou should know best, you did the stuff there! ;)22:10
juliusboh you're right. I recall now. Yes we define the base address and other parameters in the board's .S file22:11
stekernand AFAIR, the motivation was to get rid of all the drivers in orpsocv222:11
juliusbit's been a while :0(22:11
stekernI'm confused... the only thing I did to break the ARM kernel was to change a bit of formatting in ocfb22:14
stekernno, I removed an init of a global variable too22:16
stekernbut... that's implied that globals are 0, no?22:17
stekernthis is odd22:19
juliusbstekern: are globals really all assumed to be zero?22:20
juliusb(if uninitialised)22:21
stekernif you are following the C standard, yes22:22
juliusboh right, fair enough! :)22:23
stekernbut I assume that gcc does that22:23
stekernI think you can't make that assumption in microsofts compiler, but I don't think I'm using that to compile this ARM kernel..22:24
stekernnot sure at this time of the day though22:24
juliusbyes it's after midnight in your part of the world. have you given up sleeping lately?22:24
stekernI just want to figure out the right(tm) way to get the endian right to/from the framebuffer mem22:25
stekernat the same time I'm syncing or1k-src from upstream and a lot is broke now...22:26
stekernI thought I'd push something broken onto there just the days before the workshop, doesn't that sound like a good idea?22:27
juliusbwe have some precompiled stuff now22:27
juliusbmy precompiled one works now22:27
stekernah, right, so no worries22:27
stekernthe gcc sync went smooth at least, no problems so far22:28
stekernaha! I found another change... so it wasn't the init of the global22:35
stekernjuliusb: so do you get any sign of life from the de0 nano?23:06
juliusbyep! 23:46
juliusbit's alive now23:46
juliusbjust wondering about the best way to hook up this embecosm UART board23:46
juliusbit needs a ground and VCC23:46
juliusbjust worried the VCC might pull more current than the FPGA pad can supply, although it worked fine at the chiphack event23:46
juliusbanyway, the UART pins need to be changed on the de0 nano board for the demo, and a pin needs to be added and set to '1' to supply the VCC, not sure of the best way to achieve that23:47
juliusb(logistically, I mean should I just apply a patch or can I check this stuff in?)23:47
juliusb_franck_: one thing I've noticed is that if I reset the board with the pushbutton while openocd is attached it kinda freaks out and can't reattach, or at least I can't find a command which makes it do that - any suggestions?23:48
juliusbhalt just freaks out23:48
juliusbI presume because the TAP has all been reset23:48
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