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olofkautotools is fun!07:01
olofkorpsocv3 is now system-installable :)07:02
olofkBut I can't figure out how to install a whole directory tree into pkgdatadir without listing each file07:40
olofkHmm.. it seems to be a bit more complicated than I was expecting08:36
stekerndon't look at me, autotools scares me08:39
olofkYeah, me too, but it lured me in with promises of trouble-free distributable tar balls09:00
stekernthat's how it always begins, the first tar ball is always (trouble-)free09:01
olofkAnd it works great as long as you don't try to do things outside of the box...problem is the size of the box09:01
olofkI just made a highly unofficial orpsoc 3.0 release.
stekernreleases being done isn't something that happens often in this community ;)11:58
olofkI've come to realize the same thing12:05
olofkI'm thinking about getting a de0-nano. Seems like it's the most used board => More testers for orpsocv312:06
stekernI wanna get started on the sockit12:22
stekernI have unboxed it at least ;)12:22
stekernit's even plugged in at my desk home12:22
stekernand I've got quartus 13.0 installed12:22
olofkThen you're basically done. The rest was just a few clicks :)12:51
juliusbolofk: grats on the first ORPSoCv3 release :)12:52
juliusbregarding the version number change in OR1200.... maybe we should revert that?12:53
juliusb(de0 nano for development) yes I've found that's a great little platform12:55
juliusbpiece of cake to program12:55
juliusbcan do the debugging of OpenRISC systems over the programming cable12:55
olofkI love my ordb2a, but having a LED wouldn't hurt13:07
hnoif only quartus could use the jtag interface on ordb2a..13:56
olofkhno: Yeah, that's a problem. No chance to use signaltap :(14:08
olofkOk, megalomania is starting to hit me hard now. What's the minimal amount of peripherals I would need to boot linux? Is an UART enough?14:11
hnoUART, and some timer should be enough (well, also MMU, interrupt controller etc). To actually do something you might need more depending on your definition of do..14:17
olofkMost of those things are internal in both or1200 and mor1kx.14:24
olofkMy definition of do would be to get through a complete boot and perhaps look at /proc/cpuinfo or something14:25
olofkI'm planning to do it on an evenet based simulator. Last I heard someone tried to to that, it took a few days to get through a boot. Would be fun to see if things are faster now14:26
stekernuart and enough mem to fit linux is all you need14:45
juliusbstekern: what would qualify as enough MEM? 8MB?15:30
stekernI think so, 16MB to be safe15:31
stekernand, yes, I think we should fix that version commit15:32
echo083hello, is it an active channel ?16:02
_franck_hi, yes it is16:05
echo083_franck_ left before i was able to answer16:26
echo083maybe i'll wait another few minutes :p16:26
echo083please prepend my nickname if you answer me :)16:26
hnoecho083, if there is anything you want ot ask then just ask.16:42
echo083hno, a fpga can work without a soft processor like openrisc ?16:42
echo083hno, ?16:45
hnoecho083, yes ofcourse. It can implement any logic you want.16:49
echo083hno, i can define my own process to be executed without loading a processor on it ?16:50
hnoecho083, if you know how to write/express that process in verilog or vhdl then yes.16:51
echo083hno, do you know the performance difference when using or not using any processor ?16:51
echo083hno, i did some vhdl few years ago but i almost forgot everything16:52
hnoecho083, "raw"  logic is a lot faster than a program running on a soft core.16:52
hnobut also much less flexible.16:53
echo083hno, oh really :( do you have any number ? factor ? twice faster for example16:53
echo083don't worry i just have a single question remaining ;)16:53
hnoI don't have numbers but I would guess anywhere from 50 to 10000000 depending on the task.16:55
echo083okk and my last question, how do i know how many processes the microchip can execute in parallel ?16:55
hnoand 50 is probably very optimistic (for the soft core).16:56
hnoecho083, you don't. It all depends on what it is you want to do.16:56
hnoBut you do know how many logic elements the FPGA have, which defines how complex logic design you can fit in the FPGA.16:57
hnothere is not really processes in FPGA.16:58
echo083if my program fits on the microchip and i declare 1000 processes to be executed in parallel if it can only manage 2 process it will just wait ressources to be available to execute remaining processes ?16:58
echo083you mean it is rather thread ?16:58
hnoIt's logic and clocks.16:58
hnoall logic executes in parallell, syncronised by clocks.16:59
hnoIf your logic design is too large then the FPGA compiler will fail, telling you that it can't fit in the selected FPGA.16:59
echo083hno, the maximum size of my program is defined by the number of gates ?17:00
echo083i've seen sometimes 200K gates in the microchip characteristics17:00
hnoThat's one way to see it.17:01
echo083what is the main component of the microchips ?17:01
hnoOf an FPGA?
echo083i tried to make the link between the gates and reality17:02
echo083according to your link it is logic cell17:03
hnoYes. An FPGA have neither gates or reality.17:04
echo083if i have a two microchips on a pcb i can reprogram the second microchip only from the first one ?17:05
echo083(no link with the previous question)17:05
hnowhat is a microchip?17:06
echo083or the manufacturer always provide a cable which can reprogram independantly both microchip17:06
echo083microchip = fpga17:06
echo083in my language :p17:06
echo083maybe i'll worry about pcb with multiple fpga later ... :)17:07
_franck_AFAIK, yes you can chain multiple FPGA17:08
hnobut you don't normally do it in the sense that one programs he other.17:09
echo083i think i asked the main thinks i need i'll come back later with more questions for sure17:11
echo083hno, thx for your help17:11
echo083_franck_, thx too17:11
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stekernheh, no reality in fpgas, priceless ;)18:11
hnostekern, well, for mostly everyone the resources in an FPGA is virtual.22:08
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