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olofkIs there still no support for gc-sections in any of the tool chains?10:15
olofkThere was a post on the opencores forum, and I could have sworn that there was a bug report about this, but I couldn't find any10:16
stekerngc-sections are supported in the or1k toolchain10:18
mboehnerthi there! i have problems when loading a programm into my system. the chain is gdb<->openOCD<->ORSoC USB JTAG<->JTAG TAP<->Mohor Debug IF<->OR1200/WB. I can connect to the system, read registers and memory contents. But when i want to load a programm through GDB, there are several write errors. Does anybody have an idea, where i should take a look?16:03
mboehnertbasically this should be the exact same design as in orpsocv216:15
stekernmboehnert: what kind of memory setup do you have?17:11
stekernand also, what does write errors mean?17:11
mboehnertwell there is some sram located in the same area as the standard layout (first 8mb)17:14
mboehnerti don't think, this is the problem17:15
mboehnerti have a working design with the advanced debug system17:15
mboehnertthe only thing changed is the debug interface17:15
mboehnertunfortunately i have to leave now, but i will bi back tomorrow17:17
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