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olofkahh... I wondered why I couldn't connect to my laptop at home. Just figured out that it's in a bag right beside me :)07:33
stekernolofk: classical mistake ;)07:35
stekernI've once debugged a non-functional audio output by recompiling kernels and trying every trick in the book, to find out that the cable had fell out of its socket...07:37
stekernto my defence, this was during my gentoo period, and I had done a emerge world between "working" and "not working"07:37
stekernand my past experiences told me that stuff usually breaks when you do that ;)07:38
hnohm. UrJTAG project seem to be annoyingly hard to get hold of these days. No mailinglist, no IRC, no bug tracker. maybe a SourceForge discussion group but trying to open it gives Error 500..07:49
stekernthe discussion forum opens for me:
stekernand seems to be active07:55
stekern"active" = at least there seems like there was some messages on it last month07:55
olofkstekern: That's fantastic. I'm still on Gentoo, so I know the feeling all too well :)08:03
olofkDid they fix urjtag in ubuntu, btw? I remember LoneTech realized that it was broken when we released the ordb2a08:04
hnostekern, how do you find that list?09:00
hnoAh, SF thinks such information should be hidden unless you are logged in.... argh!09:01
stekernaha, I probably just automatically got logged in, didn't think about that10:59
stekernit's time for the yearly migration to the land in the west, to enjoy some traditional dancing around around a phallus symbol to the tunes of "Små grodorna" ;)11:03
olofkstekern: Ah... so it's you who dance around me every year.11:37
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