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stekernolofk: if you want to polish off your programming skills from school, I can recommend this: https://www.hackerrank.com02:48
stekernit's actually pretty fun, I've only done the trivial sort challenges and a couple of the search challenges.02:54
stekernthere's a time limit, so you won't get away with a simple bruteforce solution02:55
stekernyou're free to chose programming language, and the time limit is adjusted per language02:57
stekernI noticed that a nios II port have been submitted to the gcc patch list when I was searching for something else08:30
juliusb_oh I thought nios II had been in there for ages?09:27
stekernno, it has always been an out of tree port09:29
juliusb_ah I think I've seen one of those before....09:29
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stekernlooks like it's codesourcery that is submitting, I'm making the assumption it's altera that has ordered the work though09:30
juliusbor a big customer09:30
juliusbalright, im going to Boston for the OHS 201312:38
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olofkstekern: What do you mean? Is there an OpenRISC in the Allwinner a31 SoC?21:08
olofkAnd hackerrank sounds like fun. I'm always trying to convince that we should have programming contests instead of some other stupid contest for after work activities21:10
olofkjuliusb: Great. Is that the first US OpenRISC appearance?21:10
olofkstekern: ahh.. ok. I saw the Allwinner/OpenRISC connections in the logs now. That's really cool. Have you had the chance to dissect your tablet yet?21:17
hnoolofk, yes, the Allwinner A31 includes an OpenRISC core, taking care of monitoring the system while the rest is in deep sleep mode.21:26
olofkhno: That's cool. Is the source code available somewhere, or should we start to report LGPL violations? :)21:28
hnoI doubt anyone have asked them.21:29
olofkstekern should do it, if he has the hardware21:30
olofkHonestly, I just want to know which revision they are using, so I know if pick up chicks in bars by telling them that I have written code that's in the Allwinner 31 SoC21:31
olofks/pick/I can pick21:32
hnowe don't know yet.21:32
hnostekern promised to probe it a bit to figure out what it is, but waiting for some debug stuff to get access to uart etc...21:33
hnoso far we only know there is a such core, and the code that runs on it.21:34
olofkhmmm... weird. The or1200-mmu test case fails in my orpsocv3 test system because it hit's an illegal instruction21:38
olofkAhh... the memory had to be set to 0x00200000 bytes21:55
olofkIs there some reason that or1200-rfemmu exits with 0x8000000d instead of 0, like all the other tests do?22:06
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