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stekernolofk: yeah, the picking up girls argument is what motivates me too08:40
stekernI got a note in the mail from the post office yesterday, that my sdcard adapter would be available for pickup in our close by r-kioski08:41
stekernbut when I went there they claimed the package wasn't there...08:41
stekernI really hope that they (post office or r-kioski) haven't lost it08:43
stekern(release sources) if they only dropped an or1200 "as is" in there, I don't see any need for them to release the sources (since they are already publically available)08:49
olofkstekern: Yeah, I agree that they don't need to provide a copy of the source, but don't they need to detail which version they use? We can probably figure it out ourselves by trigging some RFE bug otherwise :)10:42
stekernthat's the sort of info I'm planning on gathering when I start hacking my onda tablet10:56
stekerndumping all the spr's will be the first step10:57
juliusbolofk: yeah potentially the first OpenRISC presentation, I need to think of a what to talk about though - it doesn't seem like people get up and present slides with CoreMark results and gate counts, it seems more "wordy" than that haha13:59
juliusbstekern: be very interested to see what comes out of that allwinner thing14:00
stekernme too ;)14:11
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