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stekernolofk: on the bright side, you seem to possess a talent for the written word (that's something I haven't mastered, not even ten years after leaving school)04:38
juliusbolofk: wasn't it Glasgow in Trainspotting?08:20
juliusband I agree with stekern, you're a good writer and I'm looking forward to your next blog post!08:20
olofkthanks guys.08:25
olofkjuliusb: Wikipedia says it's set in Edinburgh, but filmed in Glasgow08:27
juliusbI stand corrected.08:28
olofkDon't worry. All those London suburbs look the same ;)08:28
juliusbI think for ORCONF, Cambridge could be a good idea. It's very easy and economical to get here thanks to Stansted, and jeremybennett has offered to have Embecosm sponsor it. We could have come across the best solution.08:29
juliusbgood post again olofk 08:31
stekernI'm open to Cambridge08:42
juliusbhmm I just realised the open hardware summit in Boston is occurring right at the beginning of a road trip in the US I am planning to do08:55
juliusbso, I could fly over a day earlier and present there08:55
juliusb(if they allow me)08:55
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stekernoooh, my sdcard adapter is in helsinki now10:20
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olofkjuliusb: I started a roadtrip in the US just one day after the OHS two years ago :)10:47
olofkI don't like that they only have 15 minute slots at OHS. It's a bit too much overhead to get their for such a short presentation10:48
olofkAnd I too think that Cambridge might be the best option, considering venue and accessibility10:49
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juliusbolofk: ah that's fine, at least it's likely I'll get to go and talk about stuff13:02
juliusbbtw, i was just in a meeting with some Synopsys guys and they were presenting the Virtex 7 flow13:03
juliusbwel,l they were presenting some slides from the recent SNUG conference here in the UK13:03
juliusband the block they use for the demo is the OR1200!13:03
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olofkjuliusb: That's really c00l!13:34
olofkWas it the UVM flow, btw? I know that or1200 has been their demo core in the reference flow for that13:35
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juliusbno, not UVM flow, Synplify and Vivado flow14:46
stekernwasn't it cadence that used it for their UVM flow (or some other similar non-synopsys company)?15:19
juliusbit's on wikipedia maybe?15:35
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stekernjupp, it's on wikipedia, and it was cadence19:16
stekernwe could update that page with the allwinner a31 soc as a user too19:17
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