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stekernblueCmd: you better, we miss your work!02:17
blueCmdstekern: when I start working I'm hoping to get myself a cool FPGA board and some toys to actually make some hardware thing and run the stuff on as well :)06:09
blueCmdstekern: I try to be outside as much as possible during the summertime and I have my long coding sessions during the winters - fits me well :)06:10
stekernmakes sense ;)06:11
blueCmdstekern: also, with some luck the debian restructure for aarch64 will be complete hopefully resulting in some porting tools to bootstrap debian for openrisc06:11
stekernI've had a slight decrease in the hacking department the last week or so too, as you say, you have to spend as much time as possible outside with the few sunny days we have here up north06:13
blueCmdstekern: I feel you, this is my other hobby: - it's quite weather dependent and it's in a remote location which means lots of waiting and the internet suck :P06:33
stekerncool ;)06:34
blueCmdyeah, it's nice06:34
stekernI'd like to try that out some time, right now my summer activities mostly invlolve sitting in the backyard sipping on a beer ;)06:42
stekern(when not busy mowing the lawn)06:42
blueCmdstekern: hah, that's what we do after the jumping. drinking beer and moving the landings trip / landing area06:47
blueCmdyou would fit right in!06:47
blueCmdseriously, try it if you think it would be sweet. it's very addictive though :P06:48
stekernso I've heard ;)06:52
jeremybennettAre the OpenRISC mailing lists working. I haven't seen any mail on the one for 3 weeks and on the one for nearly two months.09:20
stekernthere was mail to the linux list latest today09:22
stekernbut the other ones have been quiet09:22
jeremybennettAh OK - I don't follow the Linux list at the moment. Thanks09:30
juliusbstekern: you seem to stick to summer activities similar to mine. I did exactly that the last 2 weekends ;) (the lawn grows very fast this time of year, and it's thirsty work!)14:19
stekernsure is ;)14:21
mboehnerthey juliusb, hey stekern. i'm sure you can help me. i think i read something about on the mailinglist but i am not sure what is the current situation. are there differences between the or1k2 in its own svn repo an d the one in the orpsoc-repo?14:23
juliusbmboehnert: there shouldn't be14:23
juliusbif you diff the code it should be identical14:23
mboehnertokay thank you. at the moment i am using the or1k2 with the advanced_Debug_sys but want to switch over to the debug system from orsoc in the hope that the cpu won't stall forever once i get into a breakpoint14:25
juliusbI just sent something to the list to test it14:25
juliusbalthough, it has content, too ;)14:25
juliusbmboehnert: ah right, is that a bug you're seeing? It might be worth trying to simulate that to see what is going on, although, that can be tricky, it's worth it14:26
mboehnerti can clearly reproduce this bug whenever i want.14:26
mboehnertthe combination of adv_dbg_sys and or1k2v3 is still buggy there14:27
mboehnertwell, since i got your attention: is there support for more than one openrisc usb-jtag-debugger on one machine at the same time?14:28
mboehnerti have two fpga boards running simultanously, both with an instance of or1k attached to its own usb2jtag interface14:29
mboehnertfor now i use two virtual machines14:29
mboehnertbut i want to change that too14:29
mboehnertif there is no support in the debug-proxy i would try to add this14:30
juliusbyep, the lists appear to work14:31
juliusbmboehnert: good question. which proxy are you using? openocd?14:31
juliusbif so, then I would say... yes you can run two, probably14:32
juliusband if you're not using openocd I would encourage you to.14:32
mboehnertas i said, for now i am using the adv_dbg_sys and its proxy. there is no support for two interfaces14:32
juliusboh right14:32
mboehnertmy next throw would be the or-debug-proxy delivered with the orpsocv214:33
juliusbok, I would check out OpenOCD14:33
mboehnertthank you, i will take a look at it14:33
mboehnertyou can return to your lawn. mine is also growing fast ;) thx14:35
juliusbat work, unfortunately, not on my lawn, but I'm soon to cycle around the Cambridgeshire countryside on a pub crawl :)15:10
olofkWhile all you lazy slackers drink beer and watch your autonomous lawn mowers, I've been busy writing on my ego boosting blog
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olofkThe embedded linux conference Europe is October 24-25 in Edinburgh. That might be something.20:52
olofkThe only things I know about Edinburgh is what I've picked up from Trainspotting, so I might have a one-sided impression of the city20:55
olofkTrainspotting also happens to be the only movie that I have watched four times in less than 24 hours20:56
olofkFive years after leaving school, and I realize that I still as bad at writing recursive functions as I was back then22:17
olofkI have rewritten, tested and checked in the same four fucking lines at least three times now without fixing the problem22:18
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