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stekernoh, and by using 8KB cache on mor1kx (instead of 16KB) it doesn't crash when trying to build gcc02:50
stekernI've seen problems with 16KB before, I need to get some good testcase for it02:51
stekerngot bison to accept that there is a posix_spawn implementation in uclibc now (=> building successfully)04:52
stekernhmm, still not rock solid behaviour from mor1kx with 8KB cache, seems like there is an rfe issue lurking around09:38
stekerni.e. the board stalls and when breaking with the debugger, it's always sitting at an rfe instruction09:39
stekernotoh, I'm having crashes in or1ksim too, an unaligned access09:40
stekernhmm, the bison I built doesn't seem to work very well...11:26
stekernand bison is still bitching...17:41
stekerni tried to fool it by generating stuff on my ws, but it came back and bit me with undefined references17:43
stekernmaybe i should pick up blueCmds work on eglibc here ;)17:44
blueCmdstekern: hah21:42
blueCmdmy thesis is coming along just nicely so I'll be back doing grand work there before you know it ;)21:43
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