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stekernthanks juliusb10:34
juliusbnp :)10:39
juliusbi've finally fixed the flop cache thing10:39
juliusbjust bringing everythign in line10:39
juliusbwill do a push later10:39
juliusbI actually had a question about the new write-back signal from the decode stage10:39
juliusbahh, it's just a renaming of the signal10:41
juliusbfrom rf_wb_o to decode_rf_wb_o10:41
stekernah, yes10:44
mor1kx[mor1kx] juliusbaxter pushed 1 new commit to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 3e1de59 Julius Baxter: pronto: add cache made of flip-flops...10:52
juliusbnice, it passes the GCC tests, too, with teh flop-cache one12:52
juliusbstekern: I'm now thinking of something for mor1kx-dev-env which we can /win 913:59
juliusbwe can already /win 9 in irssi, and that's nothing to do with mor1kx-dev-env :P14:00
juliusbI meant to say I'm thinking of a better system for regression testing in mor1kx-dev-env14:01
juliusbI've only given it a little bit of thought, but the immediate shortcoming we have at the moment is the ability to specify the parameters of the mor1kx-core14:02
juliusbso I'm wondering if maybe we could do something like `ifdef MOR1KX_INSTANCE_FILE around the parameters on the core, and if so, `include a file we generate?14:03
juliusbI'm also thinking I will try to make something which allows us to do the regression testing in parallel, so build one model, set it running, then build the next, set it running14:04
juliusbsame for RTL and verilator14:04
juliusbalso, do better results collation, so have something which will timeout if a test hangs, and not stop if a test fails14:04
juliusbI think doing something like this in Python would be easiest14:05
stekernthat sounds good, and is in line with thoughts I've had as well14:05
juliusb(regarding parameters on the core) I'm fairly certain there's no way to pass parameters at compile time, do you agree?14:06
juliusbcool, yeah I'd like a system where we can run perhaps a subset or the full thing for all mor1kx builds, get a nice little report out indicating various metrics14:07
juliusbinstead of having the complexity of running a regression in Make files, have it in Python and just use Make for what it's best at - building stuff14:08
-!- X-Scale`` is now known as X-Scale14:18
stekernwe could even use the python test framework ;)14:51
juliusbunittest — Unit testing framework??14:53
stekernI think that's the one I'm thinking about, yes14:59
olofkHey, I started writing a blog. olofkindgren.blogspot.com15:21
olofkWait a minute. I see you're talking about python based regression testing of mor1kx. That's one of the things orpsocv3 intends to do15:22
olofkjuliusb: Using plusargs, you can even change things at runtime. I'm using that to provide different test cases without recompiling the model. Works fine in both icarus and modelsim15:24
juliusbolofk: hiya!!15:25
olofkLooks like I need to catch up a little :)15:25
juliusbIndeed, python-based regression system15:25
olofkMy goal is set on ripping mor1kx-dev-env to shreds :)15:25
juliusbolofk: ah right, plusargs, I thought about that, but I'm not sure of Verilator's support, and can we change parameters to the module with plusargs?15:25
juliusbolofk: bring it on :)15:25
olofkNo, you can't change parameters with plusargs, but in some cases you actually don't need a parameter15:26
olofkAnd I'm fairly sure that you can change parameters at compile time at least15:26
juliusbwith a switch on the command line? For verilator I'm fairly certain this can't be done...15:27
juliusbI don't mind generating a parameters file, though15:28
juliusbat least that way it's the same across all the models15:28
olofkYou could be right that Verilator might be a bit different here.15:32
juliusbhmm, do we have the OR1K coremark code around anywhere?16:36
stekernI'm not sure, you sent it to me by e-mail I think17:07
stekernI can put it somewhere17:07
stekernolofk: nice blog17:21
hnostekern, any luck in hacking the AR100?18:21
olofkstekern: Thanks20:06
olofkstekern: What was your impression of the workshop btw?20:10
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