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stekernhno: right now, I'm waiting for the SD-card breakout board that is travelling across the seas from the far east02:33
stekernolofk: I haven't had my yet, it's the 6th of next month in espoo02:36
stekerncorrection; 11th of next month...06:12
juliusbthanks for the coremark stekern, I think we should host the patch somewhere to make it work, as I presume they don't like people hosting the code not behind their annoying registration wall :P09:42
juliusboh, as usual I spoke before checking that out - that file only was the or1k port portions09:48
juliusbyeah I'm sure I emailed it to you at some point but a search through my gmail yesterday didn't yield anything, oh well, thanks again!09:48
stekernyeah, I don't think they allow distribution of the core coremark code10:07
stekern...and that's exactly what you said above10:08
stekernspeaking before checking things you say... =P10:10
stekernolofk: about scope creep, seems to be a common fault among us openriscers12:01
stekernas you know, I was just supposed to _use_ it, and 2.5 years later I haven't got around to that yet...12:02
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