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juliusbwow, making some progress with my flop-cache fetch unit today!11:26
juliusbI hope to have it finished by the end of the century11:26
juliusbso many corner cases being brought out by increasing the size of the cache11:27
juliusbbut, interestingly, the fixes appear to be just cleanups in the fetch or control stage11:27
juliusbnot really workarounds, but neatening, removing the dependency on a signal, or patching in a more sensible signal11:28
stekernjuliusb: great!12:23
stekernyou'll have a rock solid fetcher soon then ;)12:24
juliusbhaha, that's about right - all the big-cache tests pass now but disabling it doesn't have an effect :P12:24
juliusbdisabling it breaks it12:24
stekernI'm having a completely hackfree weekend, on a two day football tournament with the oƶder boy12:26
juliusbah you have to do that sometimes12:28
juliusbit's good, usually, too12:28
stekerndidn't even bring a laptop with ;)12:28
juliusbah but we all know what you're capble of with your phone :)12:31
* hno have almost decided on what to get as next phone. As there is no usable phones it looks like if will have to be one with a reasonable screen and a separate smallish bluetooth keyboard.12:55
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