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stekernjuliusb: you better agree with me about moving decode signal registering into a seperate module now, because I've already done the work ;)06:48
stekernit's kind of large, but it's really no functional change, just restructuring things06:56
@juliusbstekern: haha, OK, just reviewing the patch17:21
stekernjuliusb: thanks ;)17:27
@juliusbwhat parts of the new decode_execute_capp are cappuccino-specific?17:28
stekernbasically the branch resolving and the interlock stuff (i.e. decode bubble)17:29
@juliusbah OK17:29
@juliusbI like the renaming of all outputs to be prefixed with decode_17:29
stekernalthough, I guess they could be of interest for another pipeline implementation as well17:30
@juliusbI'm in 2 minds about the naming of the block as decode_execute_cappuccino, I'm wondering if we should keep the naming more generic, but it really doesn't matter too much17:30
stekernmmm, that makes it 4 minds, I was thinking the same, hence that comment in the commit message17:31
@juliusbyeah, i say just leave the patch as is17:34
stekernI decided on leaving it like that, since then it sticks out as something that is not used across all pipelines, making it more explicit that espresso doesn't use it17:37
@juliusbfair enough17:39
stekernI take that as you're happy enough with it?18:20
* stekern is flipping away the safety glass from the big red 'COMMIT' button18:22
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