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poke53281arghh, the texinfo software 5.1 breaks the whole compiling of the experimental toolchain., or1k-src and or1k-gcc04:04
poke53281And my distribution has no way to downgrade.04:04
poke53281building without docs seems not possible.04:05
stekernjuliusb: were we in agreement of moving out all registering of signals from mor1kx_decode into a pipeline specific module?07:58
stekernI'm thinking about doing a mor1kx_decode_to_execute.v module that does that07:59
stekernmor1kx_decode_to_execute_cappuccino.v even08:00
stekernand then let decode be purely combinatorial08:00
stekernthat would be in line with what we have in execute to ctrl stage with mor1kx_execute_ctrl_cappuccino.v08:01
stekern(except for the _to in the name, either we add that to execute_ctrl or skip it in decode_to_execute)08:02
ysangkokis the OpenRISC website source available?10:13
ysangkoki found a weird issue. if i navigate to e.g.,mission all the sidebar links are broken10:13
ysangkokin fact, if i navigate to anything that starts with it seems they break10:14
stekernysangkok: the openrisc page is here:
stekernnice mor1kx patch btw, I wasn't aware that github is able to parse asciidoc, very handy11:56
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