IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2013-03-11

juliusbGentlemanEnginee: hi11:18
stekernjuliusb: I'm maybe missing something, but what would be the big advantage over just setting breakpoints in the exception vector?11:42
juliusbwell you could do that, I guess11:48
juliusbbut this then relies on not even having to do that11:48
juliusbbut you're right, you could11:48
juliusbbut for some reason I think it is even better, though, let me think about it :)11:49
stekernyeah, I'm not dismissing it completely, just couldn't come up with an use case ;)12:23
juliusbwell, say you don't trust your system to gracefully recover from a bus error or something13:57
juliusbyou may not ever properly fetch that l.trap13:57
juliusbthen you can probe the system via the debug bus in its broken state13:58
juliusbbut I like the idea that by default the thing will halt on any condition which will mean the software can't properly execute14:00
juliusband you can set that up in hardware14:01
juliusbalso, if you're executing from ROM you may not have enough HW breakpoints to set up one for each exception vector14:01
juliusb(we have none in mor1kx atm :P)14:02
stekernI value watchpoints over hw breakpoints any time14:09
juliusbwe have no hardware support for those either :-/14:23
juliusbatm, anyway :)14:23
stekernI know14:26
stekernpoint being, watchpoints should get attention before hw breakpoints if at all =D14:27
stekernin the meantime, blink a led14:27
stekernor just debug things with a waveform and objdump14:28
LoneTechthere's a bit of similarity between a breakpoint and a watchpoint unit placed on the instruction bus14:30
stekerntrue true14:30
LoneTechbtw, we do use the stall on exception function - it's how the hardware debug unit uses software breakpoints. not terribly nice, as the break instruction replaced something in the pipeline14:33
juliusbLoneTech: sure, but the point is in the DSR we can make it stop on any exception, we just make it stop on l.trap exception to achieve the software breakpoint goal.15:15
juliusbwell, we only use one of them.15:15
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