IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2013-01-30

stekernheisenbugs can be beneficial some times, mine changed characteristics into something more easily understandable when put under examination08:41
stekernI was right about arch_local_irq_restore at least08:43
stekernwhat happens is that epcr is wrongly set to the instruction after delay slot instead of either the jump or jump destination (haven't looked into what it actually should be)08:44
stekernso or1k_pic_mask (that is what comes after arch_local_irq_restore) will be run with SR as argument...08:46
stekerncopenhagen, here I come...13:26
blueCmdit seems like combreloc support is broken in my linker in some way, I have 6 RELA sections and what I can see only two are supported (one .rela.dyn and one rela.plt)14:02
blueCmdstekern: have fun :)14:02
blueCmdit was a hard one to track down but combreloc is now working \o/17:08
blueCmdhah, that was the final piece as well. now running busybox w/ dynamic links using eglibc17:23
jeremybennett_franck_: I've committed your Or1ksim change. You'll need to modify newlib and uClibc so that _exit() uses this variant.19:18

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