IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2013-01-31

blueCmdsending 0x1 as address through ioctl made my kernel crash and the simulator exit01:34
blueCmdcomplaining about access to non aligned address (and rightly so) - but crashing sounds a bit hard01:35
blueCmd < I will provide a better test case and simulator output later01:37
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blueCmdwould it be unreasonable to implement some sort of crypto acceleration in the simulator? emulate some HW and then let the host do the calculations14:00
blueCmddoing SSH handshakes takes a couple of minutes right now :P14:00
stekernthat could be pretty cool, then you could implement it in real hw as well14:02
stekernI imagine that ssh is pretty slow there as well14:02
blueCmdmy hope is that muxed control session will be "fast"14:03
blueCmdwe will see in a minute or two :)14:03
stekernhow is ssh calculation abstracted?14:05
blueCmdthere are two operations in dropbear that takes 90 or 95 of the time14:05
stekerni.e. how hard would it be to make stuff realise that there's hw-accel for it?14:06
blueCmdno idea :)14:06
blueCmd looking at that atm14:06
stekernideally it would be a completely decoupled block from the cpu (i.e. seperate wb-core)14:06
stekernwhere does ssh acceleration normally take place?14:08
blueCmdno idea14:08
stekern(I'm a bit interested for unrelated stuff at dayjob)14:08
blueCmdthe idea came to me just now, haven't really done any research :P14:09
blueCmdopenssh 4.4 has this in changelog:14:09
blueCmd- Add optional support for OpenSSL hardware accelerators (engines), enabled using the --with-ssl-engine configure option.14:09
blueCmdpadlock is an HW engine apparently. VIA C3 has some sort of CPU with HW assisted crypto14:10
stekernok, cool, then there's probably at least some abstraction layer for it14:10
stekernthen there's of course the question at what level things should be accelerated14:12
stekernI'm not very familiar with the algorithms involved, but I assume operations in the calculations can be accelerated at a lower level14:13
blueCmdsha and hashes should be pretty straight forward, no?14:14
blueCmdgeneration of keys14:15
stekernsounds correct14:15
blueCmdf = g^y mod p, that operation takes a lot of time as of now14:16
blueCmd(it's in a comment, I don't know what any of those variables are or how big they are)14:16
stekernjuliusb did a proof-of-concept sha256 hw-accelerator showoff for a presentation iirc14:17
blueCmdthere you have the bn_mod_exp - that's the one14:20
blueCmdso overwriding that somehow and it would work! I see now way this can fail14:21
blueCmdhah, joking aside - I might just look into this, sounds fun14:22
_franck_jeremybennett: newlib already uses NOP_EXIT_SILENT16:12
_franck_that's why I did this change16:13
jeremybennettAh - OK16:33
_franck_is that something I did wrong while compiling the toolchain? :
_franck_or I need to track this down, until it works ? :)16:38
_franck_compiling with -static cause this16:39
jeremybennettOpenRISC engineers might be interested in this EE Times article...
stekernI don't get the headline, what does android have anything to do with it?21:07
_franck_blueCmd: are you around ?23:27
blueCmd_franck_: now!23:31
* blueCmd just got home23:32
_franck_/opt/or1k-toolchain/lib/gcc/or1k-elf/4.8.0/../../../../or1k-elf/bin/ld: error in /opt/or1k-toolchain/lib/gcc/or1k-elf/4.8.0/crtend.o(.eh_frame); no .eh_frame_hdr table will be created.23:33
_franck_reading this:
_franck_it looks like it is related to tc-or1k23:33
_franck_and since you've touched it, I was wondering if you know what this warning is ?23:34
blueCmd_franck_: yes, I know that warning23:34
blueCmdhm, what version of gcc and binutils are you using?23:34
_franck_you mean the host gcc ?23:36
blueCmdwell, your or1k-elf-gcc should have an ./libgcc/config/or1k/t-crtstuff file23:37
blueCmdthat says CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS += -fno-dwarf2-cfi-asm23:37
blueCmdwhich should fix that warning23:37
_franck_oups, my bad my repo wasn't up to date....23:39
blueCmdnp ;)23:41
blueCmdtest isspace: is 'c' a space? YES23:53
blueCmdI love eglibc23:54
* asm is not a dwarf23:55
blueCmdasm: :D23:56

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