IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2013-01-29

stekernblueCmd: mor1kx, the coolest openrisc implementation around (I am biased ;)): 05:17
stekernmore precisely, I am giving it MMUs05:18
jeremybennettjuliusb: Are you around? Which country are you currently in?10:48
blueCmdstekern: ah, cool!11:14
LoneTech.. I thought I had fixed or1ksim disassembly in 64bit systems at some point, but it's broken in svn r79714:40
blueCmdyeah, I had to compile it in 32 bit :(15:24
LoneTechsoftware breakpoints, incomplete debugger code and delay slots cause me suffering15:27
jeremybennettLoneTech: I thought the Or1ksim disassembly was lifted from binutils?15:28
LoneTechwell, it was broken there too15:28
jeremybennettIf not, it should be!15:28
LoneTechof course15:29
LoneTechit ought to use libopcodes or something15:30
LoneTechah, even found the patch I made15:32
LoneTechsure enough, similar code in cpu/or32/or32.c or1ksim_or32_extract15:35
stekernhesienbugs cause me suffering15:41
jeremybennettfor a moment I was thinking of bugs in woven carpet backing :)15:43
jeremybennettBut those would be hessianbugs15:43
stekernheh, well with my snr in spelling mistakes, it could very well have been hessianbugs misspelled ;)15:46
blueCmdstekern: you need to chose words that have enough distance from other words so one can be sure that error correction works then ;)15:47
stekernthat's good advice =)15:50
blueCmdwhat have you guys done with mmap in or1k-linux? :D16:34
blueCmdsomething is really broke somewhere, not ruling out that it's in my stuff16:34
blueCmd(i'm using mmap2 btw, not sys_mmap which is in sys-or32.c)16:35
blueCmd what I'm trying to do (works in qemu, fails in or1ksim with or1k-linux kernel)16:37
blueCmdI will try to run that on a vanilla kernel16:38
blueCmdsame result in vanilla :/16:45
blueCmdd4 is passed to mmap_pgoff but reading from the mmap returns data at 001a800016:55
blueCmdbah, PAGE_SIZE missmatch somewhere17:41
blueCmdaand fixed.17:53
stekernblueCmd: how are you running stuff in qemu?18:29
blueCmdstekern: static programs work just by doing qemu-or32 ./a.out18:31
blueCmddynamic works if you chroot18:31
blueCmd(or should do at least)18:32
blueCmd(I run things staticly)18:32
stekernah, cool. have to give that a try some day18:34
blueCmdbut apparently the mmap is broken in qemu-or32 ;)18:34
blueCmd(it should convert offset which it doesn't do currently)18:35
blueCmdthe dream of debian on or1k is approaching! relocations working, need to add some .got things and things should start to work :P18:40
stekernhopefully I've got those heisenbugs ironed out by then so I can try it out on mor1kx =)18:59
stekernbut this one seems to be a harder nut to crack... only common denominator between the scenarios seems to be that r2 is getting screwed somewhere19:00
stekernI've got a suspection about arch_local_irq_restore19:02
stekerna 'l.lwz r2, -4(r1)' in a delayslot right after interrupts gets reenabled19:03

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