IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2013-01-28

stekernanother bug detected09:29
stekernif an exception hits while reading SR, the wrong SR will be written into the register09:30
LoneTechI just realized I might as well use the delay slot to store the number directly instead of the jal method12:29
* LoneTech comes up with overcomplicated solutions sometimes12:29
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blueCmdis it valid to do:15:08
blueCmd"instr that sets flag"15:08
blueCmdin order to use the delay slot?15:09
blueCmdI seem to recall that some archs require the flag to be set before any delay slots15:09
LoneTechI believe the spec forbids it unclearly. in theory it should mean the delay slot does not affect the branch decision15:30
blueCmdLoneTech: right, i will skip it and just do l.nop15:31
stekernI'd say it's valid16:02
stekernand I think gcc emit's that kind of sequence16:03
stekernbut, the flag that will be used is of course the one that is before the l.bf16:04
LoneTechyep, that's what I think happens16:05
LoneTechthe related actual conflict is that one mustn't do l.jalr r9, as jumps may be reexecuted when an exception interrupts the delay slot instruction16:06
stekernyeah, that's nasty ;)16:08
stekernbut the delay-slot biting works the other way around, I found myself interpreting the instructions after branches in some avr asm as delay-slots a while ago...16:13
blueCmdstekern: heh :)16:21
LoneTechyep, it has many ways to bite16:21
blueCmdi wonder how "fast" openssh would be running in or1ksim?16:22
LoneTechno worse than on my sparcstation elc, I am guessing16:22
blueCmdanybody want a nice static zsh for or1k? ;) it's much better than busybox!16:28
blueCmdmuch slower as well, but hey - can't have everything :P16:28
blueCmdanyway, two syscalls left in eglibc to implement afaik. time to start working on dynamic linking.16:35
stekernmfspr bug fixed => three more linux console lines before it oopses ;)17:29
stekernprogress nevertheless!17:30
LoneTechwell done17:31
stekernseems our linux port doesn't detect 2 way caches properly ;)17:35
stekern(completely unrelated to the oops)17:35
LoneTechnot surprising, or1200 did not have them iirc17:36
stekernhardcoded to 117:37
stekernit's actually just in the printout, the size is correctly calculated with the number of ways included17:37
blueCmdstekern: what are you working on?22:10

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