IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2013-01-15

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stekernLoneTech: yup, that's what I found out from googling too. I ignored it for know, and just ran 'boot disk'. Everything else seems to work fine, but I need to reset the root password and I don't have a sunos cd. Seems like there is no write-support for UFS under linux.05:14
stekern(sorry about being so highly off-topic)05:15
stekernblueCmd: just FYI, I'm running the regression tests now06:23
stekernI started them yesterday, but it seems that or1ksim (or linux) locked up before it was done06:24
stekernso I restart it now06:24
stekernlooked like it was about the same result as before your patches up to the point where it crashed though06:25
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blueCmdstekern: cool!10:53
_franck_stekern: do you know how to run the regression test on the or32 toolchain ?10:58
jeremybennett_franck_: Saw your email - I was offline yesterday.11:25
jeremybennettShould just work as "make check-gcc" etc.11:25
jeremybennettYou need to set up DEJAGNU to point to your site.exp file, and that might need some hard-coded details changed - I can't remember exactly.11:26
_franck_ok thanks, I'll try to look in this direction :)11:38
LoneTechhuh. gcc 4.5.1-or32-1.0rc4 __ffssi2 is surprisingly horrible (used for ffs()). I guess it hasn't been told about l.f[fl]114:51
stekernLoneTech: the find first instructions are optional...15:13
stekernI ignored that fact in LLVM though15:13
stekernfwiw, the or1k gcc (4.8) expand __builtin_ffs to __ffssi2 as well15:26
stekernIIRC, newlib has a l.ff1/l.fl1 in it's startup code, so it's not so "optional" after all15:28
LoneTechyep, in newlib or1k_interrupt_handler l.ff1 appears15:39
jeremybennettstekern: That would appear to be a bug.15:40
stekernthe appearing in newlib?15:40
stekernI agree15:41
stekernme neglecting the fact in LLVM is also a bug15:41
stekernI should put a switch to turn it on and off with in there15:41
LoneTechit's in gnu-stable/newlib-1.18.0/newlib/libc/machine/or32/or1k-support-asm.S15:45
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_franck_stekern: as you ran the testsuite on or1k, could you send me your test log ?23:38
_franck_running make check RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=or1k-sim" in the gdb directory and I get a lot of23:39
_franck_ERROR: Couldn't set target for simulator.23:39
_franck_during the tests23:39
_franck_do yo also have this ?23:39

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