IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2013-01-14

stekern_LoneTech: nice, I've got to find a db25->db9 converter so I can hook up an serial console to it05:18
stekern_before that, I don't even know if it works (got no monitor nor keyboard for it)05:18
-!- You're now known as stekern05:19
stekernit sounds healthy when given power at least ;)05:19
LoneTechstekern: I have monitor and keyboard for mine. I don't recall if this is one of the gender reversed rs-232 ports though08:45
* LoneTech idly notes gxti also likes Azumanga Daioh08:46
stekernmine has a D25F09:14
LoneTechstekern: yep. PCs have D25M. Same pinout facing the computer (DTE), so iirc it's essentially mirrored and you can't use a pin number matched gender bender, it needs to be straight12:03
stekernLoneTech: yeah, null-modem and D25M<->D9M converter is what is needed16:27
stekernacquired the converter today16:27
stekernand I got some output on the serial console16:27
stekernBut the POST fails...16:27
stekern"The IDPROM contents are invalid"16:28
LoneTechstekern: that typically means the battery of the clock chip has run out. Not sure if that's an integrated module in the ultra1, but it tends to mean you have to replace that and set the MAC or host ID again23:53

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