IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2013-01-16

stekern_franck_: I'm running against the uclibc toolchain, so with or1ksim, not the "cgen simulator"05:11
_franck_ah ok, I'll ask Peter on the ml08:54
juliusbstekern: (going back a few days) what are those Sun boxes you were going to throw out??16:29
juliusbthe one on top, at least?16:31
stekernjuliusb: no, I found both of them in the "electronic recycle" (aka trashbin) at work20:11
stekernso I rescued them ;)20:11
stekernthe box below is an "ultra 1" and the box ontop is some sort of scsi device (harddisk is my guess), haven't investigated that closer20:12
aaa801Are the video drivers for the bcm2835 avilable?21:30
aaa801as source?21:30
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