IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-12-15

poke53281Does someone know when the shared libraries will be supported in the stable toolchain?02:58
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stekernpoke53281: when the exeperimental toolchain becomes the stable one05:27
stekernbefore that happen, we should at least pass all tests in the regression suite05:30
stekernthe status of that is available here:
stekernand here:
stekernbut, what stops you from using the experimental one?05:33
stekernit's encouraged for brave souls (like you seem to be ;)) to use it05:34
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juliusbstekern: very interesting find on the atomicity section, was that in the document history?12:08
juliusbthat doesn't appear to cover how you check if the l.swa worked12:08
juliusbpoke53281: I use the "experimental" tool chain all the time, it's fine :)12:09
juliusbalthoguh i never compile shared object code :P just baremetal stuff12:09
stekernjuliusb: yeah, I noticed that that's missing too14:27
poke53281Ok, fine I will install the experimental tool chain. But I have really difficulties to find the correct ones. There are so many different websites that are out of date and so many different repositories that it is hard to find the current release. Everything seems to be spread on, and github.com20:02
poke53281At the moment it seems like the site
poke53281seems to be more or less Ok.20:03
poke53281One example. There is a remark about gnu-dev. But there seems to be only a gcc compiler included in the directory.20:07
poke53281Second example: orbuild readme says, that it is no longer maintained.20:08
poke53281Ok, let me try the chapter "Installation of development versions "20:09
poke53281Third example: Broken link to openrisc.southpole.se20:22
stekernpoke53281: we are terrible at keeping docs up to date, we are aware of that :/20:26
stekernif you want to try out the dynamic linking, those are the repos you need:20:27
poke53281Thanks, I will try it today. Is there a current linux kernel-dev too?20:38

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