IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2012-12-16

poke53281Ok, there are currently 2-3 small errors which prevents a smooth compiling of the experimental version using newlib. But easy to fix.06:20
stekernpoke53281: hmm, what errors?08:44
stekernshould I be worried that I'm raising my kids to be geeks? Our one-year old knows the words: mom, dad, granny and ... C3PO...16:54
stekernI'm just waiting for her to want her hair just like Leia...16:56
juliusbhaha that's awesome18:04
juliusbthat would make you Darth Vader then wouldn't it?18:04
stekernI suppose, I have always greeted the kids with a "kssssh, I am your father, ksssh" right after they have been borned ;)18:12
juliusbso I'm putting in OR1k 1.0 updates to mor1kx18:13
juliusbWe need to figure out what the implementation-specific bits are going to be18:14
juliusbi've used up an 8-bit field for pipeline implemenation field (remember we have 8 32-bit registers to play with)18:14
juliusbI reckon it'll be fine to make the meaning of the ISRs different depending on the pipeline, but it'll probably be easier to keep the meanings the same across the pipelines18:15
juliusbso, for example, what sort of multiplier is in the ALU18:15
juliusbindicating that by a bit in the ISRs18:15
juliusbany pipeline-specific options (can't think of anything off the top of my head)18:16
juliusbbus interface info, perhpas, whether it's the classic interface or a bursty one18:16
juliusbanyway, i've got the ISRs assigned in the ctrl units of each pipeline18:17
stekernto what pipeline it is?18:19
juliusbI've updated all the pipeline models18:24
juliusbi'll hopefully post some patches tonight to the mailing list18:30
juliusbjust so you can pass an eye over it18:30
juliusbalso need to figure out the mor1kx versino numbering for the VR218:40
juliusbI reckon increment the minor number18:40
juliusbs we have a 24-bit version field int he VR2, which is CPU version18:41
juliusbwell, we have the choice of somehow embedding the pipeline ID in that VR218:41
juliusbso maybe do something like {8'dMajor, 8'Minor, 8'PipeID}18:54
stekernno, I meant that is it assigned to an ISR which pipeline it is :)19:13
stekernor did you put that elsewhere, but sounds like you haven't decided yet19:16
juliusbyeah not sure19:22
juliusbI reckon we put an 8-bit pipeline ID in the VR2 field19:22
juliusbso 8-bits major version, 8-bits minor version, 8-bit pipeline ID19:23
stekernsounds good20:15
poke53281@stekern: I used the manual provided here20:21
poke53281Following errors I encountered20:21
poke532811. "../../or1k-src/gas../opcodes/or1k-desc.h:260:73: error: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90 [-Werror]"20:21
poke53281Relatively easy to solve I think. I removed the -Werror from the Makefile but this is of course not a good solution.20:21
poke53281The compiler I used is gcc 4.6.120:21
poke532812. the third compile step "# build newlib" needs or1k-elf-cc, but the file is missing. So I added a symbolic link to or1k-elf-gcc20:21
poke532813. I am missing the target compiler or1k-linux in this manual20:21
poke532814. "configure --help"  does not show all important options.20:21
stekernmy cheat-sheet20:24
stekernon 1. that's on 32-bit, right?20:24
stekern2. I haven't seen20:25
poke53281Yes, actually I am using virtualbox-image from the website20:25
poke53281Thanks for the script. Will try it.20:27
poke53281My real system is 64-Bit. But I don't want to use it for this.20:28
juliusbstekern: i'll email you the propopsed patches to mor1kx for OR1k 1.0 compatibility21:20
juliusbwell, not all21:20
juliusbjust SPR updates21:20
poke53281stekern: The sheet works perfect. But there are two commands missing22:26
poke53281gcc stage 1: make && make install22:26
poke53281uClibc: make && make PREFIX=$SYSROOT install22:26

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