IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-12-14

jeremybennett_poke53281: I see you got Bugzilla working OK.00:04
juliusbHurah, OR1K 1.0 published00:28
* juliusb drinks a beer00:46
poke53281@jeremyben: Yet, works good01:00
poke53281@jeremybennett: Yes, works good01:01
poke53281@juliusb: Great01:03
poke53281What happens if I find a typo in the specification? ;)01:14
juliusbyou submit it to the page which tracks such things01:20
stekernjuliusb: ah, ok didn't know such existed, thought you were speaking about interrupt-service-routines04:28
stekernoh, and: yay! good work!06:19
stekerninteresting, now when I look at the changelog, I see that there actually has been an atomicity chapter in the spec06:33
stekernand this is what it said:
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