IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-11-23

andresjksomebody awake?00:41
olofkA bit00:52
_franck_me :)00:52
olofkOh.. that reminds me _franck_, I forgot to apply your patch. I'll try to do that tomorrow if no one else steps in00:53
_franck_ok, there is no hurry00:54
jonibois this IRC channel archived somewhere?  I was just poked offline by someone asking about finding something that written a couple of weeks ago...10:43
jonibojuliusb, you might know... if I recall correctly, you somehow "own" this channel... or am I wrong?10:44
@juliusbjonibo: hej11:51
@juliusbi registered it yeah11:51
@juliusbarchived - not that I know of (meant to set that up actually) but I keep a log11:51
@juliusbhave a log from feb 6 this year11:52
@juliusband this machine hasn't gone down for a while either, so it should be pretty much complete11:52
@juliusbi'm happy to share it11:52
@juliusbshould make it available some other way at some point11:57
@juliusbwill investigate today11:57
@juliusbmaybe i'll make it available via closedcisc.com11:58
@stekernI have a pretty complete log since nov 30 201112:00
@stekernstomach flu sucks btw...12:03
jonibojuliusb: thanks12:15
@juliusbstekern: sorry to hear that12:46
@juliusbjonibo: nps12:46
@juliusbandresjk: why the join/leave churn??20:02
@juliusbit was initially always 4 minutes, on the half-hour20:03
olofkIs there any graphics support in or1ksim except for dumping to bit maps?23:36
olofkstekern: You added some support, right? I find hints of that in your repo at openrisc.net23:40

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