IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-10-19

stekernolofk: yeah, I had/(have) all this grand plan about a supermodular synth with parts connected to the wishbone and dynamically routable05:45
stekernperhaps cleaning up that current design and add a wishbone interface (and maybe convert it to verilog) is a more feasible project05:47
stekernqemu is actually running _a lot_ slower than or1ksim06:49
stekernI wonder if it's just true to the 20MHz clock in the reference board and or1ksim is not06:50
stekernthat should be easy to test, just check the date under linux06:51
olofkReally? I thought all this time that a qemu port would be less exact but much faster08:37
stekernyeah, exactly my thought too09:44
stekernit seems that the time is running correctly on the qemu, so I'll see what happens if I up the cpu clock a bit09:45
stekernon or1ksim, the time actually runs slower...(?)09:45
stekernbut that doesn't need to mean anything, code could run faster anyway09:47
stekernno, it was just running slower for a while, now when I check again it has actually went twice as much time as it has in the "real world"09:48
stekernscratch that, I got the consoles mixed up... it still runs slower09:51
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juliusbolofk: accessible? as in for people in wheelchairs or for people without knowledge of digital design?12:27
juliusbstekern: surprised to hear about qemu too12:27
stekernolofk: your orpsocv3 talk has proven beneficial for me 'professionally' (i.e. at work)14:12
stekernI need to convert some EDS files (and they are essentially '.ini' files) to xml, the hint about configparser got me on the right track14:13
olofkstekern: NOOOOOO!!! That's wrong!!! You are supposed to convert things FROM xml ;)19:11
olofkjuliusb: They're talking about having large fonts and use microphones, but I think the bigger problem is to make people understand what the hell we really are doing19:13
stekernolofk: tell that to the powerlink people...19:31
juliusbolofk: huh for FSCONS?19:50
juliusbah im pretty sure we can handle that22:10

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