IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-10-18

stekernjuliusb: but you are not generating the overflow flag, right?05:39
stekernas long as you don't care about the overflow flag, smul and umul are equivalent for a 32x32 => 32 multiplier05:43
stekerni.e. the result in the lower 32-bits are always the same, the result in the upper 32-bit is the one that differs05:44
stekernolofk: since you were asking about my synth, here's an example of how it sounds:06:38
stekernand here's a bit file for the atlys board:06:38
stekernthe sample mp3 is created only using the synth, no other external equipment (except a midi-cable)06:40
aleckhi everybody11:53
aleckis this the place for asking a couple of question about or1ksim?11:54
_franck_aleck: yes it is11:57
aleckwe have a problem setting a device from a generic section in the config file11:59
alecki mean i set the baseaddr = 0x30000000 and size = 0x811:59
aleckbut in the simulator if i run cat /proc/iomem12:00
alecki don't see my device, what i am missing?12:00
alecki mean i have followed the guide for building the toolchain, the simulator and linux12:00
aleckand they seems to work12:01
aleckwith the standard configuration that i fount ind linux/arch/openrisc/or1ksim.cfg12:01
_franck_your device needs to be probed by a driver to get mapped to the linux memory12:02
_franck_linux cannot autodetect a device by itself (unless it is plug and play, like the pci bus)12:03
aleckthanks, so i can't register it directly from a module?12:03
_franck_yes you can do it from a module12:04
aleckok, so i go to read how to probe a device12:04
aleckthanks for the answer12:04
olofkstekern: That was fucking awesome. You should hook it up to the wishbone bus and run it together with a bump map, metaballs in tunnels and some star fields21:42
olofkjuliusb: They want to know if our talk at fscons will be accessible. I think we can safely assume that isn't the case :)23:22

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