IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-10-17

juliusbalright! finally got the pronto espresso working on the Nexys3 board01:37
juliusbi had modified the on-chip blockram controller and accidentally inferred latches :-/01:38
* juliusb should always read the synthesis report for such stupid mistakes in future01:38
nvmindgood morning (or whatever based on your actual position) :)10:30
juliusbnvmind: hi11:37
juliusbLoneTech: Hiya13:02
LoneTechsorry about the inconclusive notes on the MAC stuff.13:04
LoneTechbug 18:
LoneTechfwiw, the way it was used is definitely not by the spec either (the truncation and shift both differ)13:10
stekernI think you have mentioned this before, but what was the problem with the MACHI reading?13:16
LoneTechthere is only one way to do it, using SPR read, and that does not guarantee that the MAC has finished first13:17
LoneTechSPR read is also a privileged operation13:17
stekernah, yes. that was the problem13:17
LoneTechof course, the truncation also made machi nigh useless13:17
stekernLoneTech: did you notice this thread touching the same subject btw?
LoneTechonly a few days ago, sorry13:25
LoneTechI seem to have a draft mail I never sent (probably unfinished)13:26
stekernheh ;)13:26
LoneTechnot much to it; noted that divmod could also use dual reg write, that the pipeline forwarding wouldn't like that much, that the truncation is a weird mode13:27
LoneTechI guess it could be used in special cases analogous to the carry flag in bresenham line drawing13:28
LoneTechbtw, I took a look at patchwork but it is rather tedious to set it up; not sure anyone has packaged it13:29
stekernI'm testing the openrisc support jia upstreamed to qemu now15:21
stekernseems pretty stable15:22
stekernmuch seems to be hardcoded (like clock frequency and such) though15:23
stekernI'm particularly interested in getting some fast(er) emulation going on, to be able to natively compile stuff in the emulator at reasonable speed15:25
juliusbstekern: are you talking about the Linux userspace emulation qemu can do?15:46
stekernjuliusb: hmm, not sure what you mean..17:00
stekernI was speaking about running the kernel in qemu, cross-compile gcc for or1k and build applications in Linux in qemu17:02
stekernI know that arm has some scratchbox+qemu setup, but not anything about how that setup actually works17:03
juliusbstekern: it's odd with the multiply - on the threestage, we don't appear to check for signedness, but it just *works*20:49
juliusbso... i'm a bit confused hehe20:49
juliusbin simulation, maybe i can understand20:50
juliusbhaven't tried it on the board, though20:50
juliusbbut i have verilator running through 20000 tests of random input20:50
juliusband it all passes20:50
juliusbwith the threestage, whether I do the sign correction for l.mulu or not20:50
olofkGoodbye openrisc. I will miss you22:43

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