IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2012-10-14

* _franck_ is connected through someone's androidhotspot phone...16:42
olofkWhat? Did we really decide to have both VR2 and eight additional version registers?18:26
olofkAnd what the hell should we put in vr2 then?18:27
olofkMust have fallen asleep when this was decided :)18:27
olofkDo we use any software to parse the or1200_defines file for register addresses and bit fields?19:07
olofkOtherwise I will continue to throw out defines and replace them with parameters19:14
olofkWhat's the syntax for reading SPRs through gdb?19:53
olofkWas planning to read the SPRs through gdb to see if my new version registers work, but it looks like gdb needs to know which SPRs that are implemented. Any way around this?19:59
msschulzeHello, my name is Martin Schulze, I'm from germany and would like to ask some questions about the OR1200 project but don't know if it's the right place... Is someone here?21:38

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