IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-10-13

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juliusbjonibo: hey man, are you around?14:57
jeremybennett_jonibo: We're missing you here :(14:57
jeremybennett_Follow the OpenRISC conference on Twitter: #orconf201216:56
jeremybennett_Discussion on OpenRISC processes about to start. Real-time updates of the discussion on the wiki.19:33
simoncookLink for discussions:
Fallenouis their a live stream ?19:45
Fallenou(video I mean)19:45
Fallenouor is it recorded ?19:45
stekernFallenou: the presentations have been recorded, not livestreamed though19:47
stekernbut they will definetely be made public19:47
Fallenoucool :)19:56
* LoneTech keeps forgetting to join #openrisc20:29

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