IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-10-12

olofkOh well. Time to pack up the computer. I'm available at +46 708 248032 if anyone wants to meet up.00:26
juliusbnice one01:37
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juliusbjeremybennett: do you think we shold nominate a venue to go for a drink later?13:53
jeremybennett_juliusb: Where do you suggest as a drinking venue this evening (preferably somewhere that also does food).18:54
jeremybennett_Embecosm team now in Stockholm!18:54
juliusbjeremybennett: great to hear. I'm at Stansted about to board my flight19:30
juliusbjeremybennett: I would suggest Akurat
juliusbI may just get there this evening, but doubt it19:31
olofkJust met Jeremy in the lobby19:37
juliusbnice one19:41
juliusbwell i'm about to go line up, may drop you a line later, but more probably see you guys tomorrow.19:41
juliusbi'll be there from about 10:30 helping Sven Ake and Johan prepare things19:42
juliusbso come hang out if you're up and ready to go19:42
juliusbvi ses!19:42
olofkHave a good flight19:42
olofkWe're off19:52
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