IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-10-11

juliusbnice, nexys3 board port done03:25
juliusbi can download the image, but no physical debugger connector :( will try tomorrow03:25
juliusbhad to write a bloody cellular RAM controller03:25
juliusbthat's always annoying03:25
juliusb(by write I mean, write, test, and debug in sim)03:25
juliusbbut i love building for these tiny FPGAs, full build flow is done in 3.5 minutes!03:26
juliusbi can see myself hacking on this device more than the ml50103:26
juliusbwhich was a) bulky and b) took ages to build for03:26
juliusbanyway, tomorrow we'll see if it works :)03:27
juliusbolofk: are you joining for dinner on Saturday evening?12:45
juliusb_franck_: how about yourself?12:47
_franck_yes, I'm coming.If you grep in your irssi log you'll see I confirmed this :)12:48
juliusbah right sorry12:48
juliusbso I won't be around for drinks Friday evening, but perhaps if anyone who will be around, jeremybennett for example, would like to, they could advertise a venue on the wiki as a place to meet up for a beer13:08
juliusbwhich has, AFAIK, an RTU Lite18:04
juliusb(ie. OpenRISC-based SoC)18:04
juliusbBig congrats to AAC on that18:04
juliusbSorry, the significant bit of information is that these things were release from the ISS recently and are still floating around up there18:08
olofkjuliusb: I'm coming to dinner.18:24
olofkNice images. Are they real? It really looks like 3d models, but perhaps that's what things look like in space. Haven't been there18:27
juliusbthey look real18:29
juliusbbit of blurring18:29
juliusbpretty sure NASA fake stuff all the time though, that moon landing thing, who believes that anymore?18:29
olofkjeremybennett: Shall we meet up at the airport? Got the same hotel booked18:29
olofkYeah, the moon landing was definitely fake. There's no oil on the moon, so why bother sending someone there?18:33

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